Sunday, 26 September 2010

I'm going to be REALLY good tonight ...

.. and get to bed early, for a change.  I swear that alarm clock goes off earlier and earlier each day!

I had a great day with the re-launch of Teddy Wares this morning - cards and other hand made stuff I sell for overseas aid projects.  People were really nice about my stuff and watched Dil's powerpoint presentation showing where all the money raised is going at present (a new charity called Touch 1000 Lives, whereby we are currently buying sewing machines in India, and teaching local Untouchable-caste women tailoring, so they can support their families).  The website will hopefully soon be up and running, and I'll put a link here.

I haven't done any card making today- just been catching up with the craft blogs I follow - so will hopefully get back to it tomorrow night, and put them on a post.

Night night all xx

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