Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Landmark day!

I went to the bank with Dil M-H, to set up the account for the new charity that's on its way, and where proceeds from my cards will be going, for the foreseeable future.  Just waiting for the website to get up and running, and I'll post a link from here.

Mel came over last night, and it was great to show her some of the ideas she might be able to use for her secret project (more later, maybe pics, Mel?)  Anyway, can't do too much card making til the end of the week, as I've lent her my corner and border punches, brads, papers, cards ... really, this is just a good excuse to catch up on blog-reading, and I might even get round to cleaning my craft room (again).  Come to think of it, I might take pics tomorrow for a WOYWW post (what's on your worktable Wednesday, for the uninitiated) - before and after ones, as two cards later it always looks like the aftermath of the Blitz!

Sat up til very late last night, combing through blogs I could enter.  Found 3 in the end, I think, though made a right pig's ear of one - memo to self - read the rules more than once!  Sigh!  Still, maybe the organisers will take pity on me! LOL

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