Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ok, own up out there ...!

... Who ran away with Friday and Saturday?!  I blinked at lunchtime Friday and it's suddenly gone midnight on Saturday!

No pics today as I've spent most of it packing cards in bags and adding velcro to the backs, to mount them on a display board cos tomorrow is launch day - Teddy Wares will be up and running, with cards on sale to support an overseas aid project - I'll hopefully post pics of the display, and give details of the cause, later tomorrow.

I was thrilled tonight when my friend Kay turned up with a HUGE box of craft bits that she didn't need anymore.  THANK YOU so much, Kay!  Isn't it lovely how generous people can be, for a good cause.  The last two weeks have seen my sifting through two friends' button tins, too - just like Christmas!

I'll just post a tip that's popped into my head, then it's off to bed - the girl's a poet and didn't know it! LOL

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