Sunday, 19 September 2010

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Why 'Teddy Wares'?

A few years ago I decided to raise some much needed funds for overseas projects that my church was involved in and, since I just LOVE teddies, the title just came to me, and I started used this umbrella for making greetings cards, growing tomato plants - anything, in fact, that would raise money.

... flutterbies?

I'm fascinated by most handicrafts, DIY, gardening, etc., and my problem (well, one of them!) is that I want to try them all, and I flit from one to another.  This means I'm usually in my element but it can be a bit wearing for my very understanding husband!

... and Chrysalis?

It's a nickname formed from my names Christine Elizabeth, which my favourite uncle gave me when I was a tiny!

Until now, I've been recycling used cards, buttons, ribbons etc that have been passed to me.  This is a real blessing, in that it hasn't cost too much, but as yet I haven't been able to develop a real style of my own.  I mix and match embellishments, card fronts, etc., and mount them on blank cards, using backing papers and other bits and pieces along the way.  It's proving great fun but can be frustrating if I haven't got quite the finishing touch to hand.  Gradually I hope to give free reign to my muse, as I am able to purchase more kit.

I hope you'll join me along the journey, as I share personal thoughts and musings, completed projects and WIP, tips, etc.  You'll discover that I'm probably the most frugal crafter I know but it's very satisfying when virtually all the proceeds from my wares go somewhere useful. 

And where's the money going at the moment?  Watch this space - VERY exciting!

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