Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I  enjoy my job a lot but I REALLY love Wednesdays, my day off.  Got the washing out of the way first thing so I wouldn't feel guilty spending time card making today.  I started by tidying my work table but you wouldn't believe it now, several cards later.


I really need some more suitable storage for my stuff!  At the mo, almost everything is in trays/plastic boxes on the table - leaving me about 18" square to work on -

or underneath, in yet more boxes - which means pulling them all out to find the right card/envelope/backing paper, etc - all VERY frustrating and messy!

I think what I need is some sort of shelving that will go on the back of my table, clearing some space.  Then, I could do with one of those filing cabinets with shallow drawers to keep paper and card in - any of my local friends know of one needing a good home? 
Anyway, enough of all that - I'd better show you what all the mess was in aid of -

Sorry I haven't mastered the art of taking photo's yet - you can't see the detail.  This was a ready-made tag that I toned down with distress ink, and did the same with the little thank you stickie.  Did the same with the next one, layering them on paper from my stash and then on dark green cards.  Put in white inserts to help write greetings, which I edged with the ink.  Green ink looks a bit strange in pic but goes quite well - honest!!

No, that's not some weird embellishment sticking out on top left - it's the spout of a decorated tin watering can on the window ledge! See what I mean about my photo skills - LOL

Was fairly happy with my first attempt at distress inking - the lace on the first one got the treatment too, which does look quite 'vintagey' rather than dingy!

These two were made from decoupaged sheets I was given some time ago, with some backing paper from the stash, all on square cards - I find this size & shape very satisfying to work with.

They look very flat on the photos but are actually several layers deep

Thought I'd round off today's attempt at being David Bailey by showing you the opposite side of my craft room.  This was our guest room until I commandered it and eventually, when funds allow, I want to buy a sofa bed to put this side, so that we can start having people to stay - that's if they could get in there, or even want to!  Sorry it now looks like the middle of the night but it's now 8pm & I don't know how to operate the flash!  The box next to the chair contains cards going on sale this weekend, and the other is a bobbin lace-making set that I've just started to tackle - I hope that this will eventually be suitable to put on cards.

Night night for now x

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