Sunday, 31 October 2010

An extra hour on the PC!

Lovely to have an extra hour this morning, before church.  Decided to write here, after putting my new cards in bags ready to sell this morning (I hope!)  Good to have my first stash of Christmas cards ready.

Thought I'd show you my new purchases, and a couple of cards.  Popped in to Dunelm and found

these cute stamps.  I've been admiring the oriental cards in mags and on the net, and thought I'd have a go.  I try to buy kit that will do for different sorts of cards and reckon that the flower will be particularly useful.

Found these papers that will go with them, but look very versatile and will go with lots of other cards.

These looked so cute I couldn't resist them -
I need to make some 'new baby' cards to sell, so these should be ideal, as well as for birthday cards, etc.

These were the last of the 'bleach' experiments from last week.  I was pleased to find the gold bows with bells in my stash, to finish them off.  I'll make another batch during the week, to sell.

The blue one looks a bit odd - the sentiment is all blue and silver, but picked up some red in the pic, from the flash, I suppose.

Had to smile - after my early start, managed to leave the new cards sitting on the table when we left the house!  Oh well - there's always next Sunday!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Glitter Glue Forever!

I take back all that I said about it earlier!  Discovered some more in my stash and it's GREAT!

I did take a pic but it looked rubbish, even with a flash, at 8.30pm in the UK in October, in a room with an energy-saving bulb!  Anyway, I'm a happy bunny now, and am glittering everything in sight - good job my husband and the cats aren't around! 

So, back to playing, then an early night (maybe!) xx

Just entered the challenge at Critchley Creations - a wonderfully talented young woman is our Ms Critchley!
Sigh!! So much for an early night!  Just found the challenge on Clean and Simple and decided to enter this one for it - three images and a sentiment.  This is one of the bleach experiments - and newly discovered glitter glues!!


Firework Card - and more

Just finished a card for a friend.  Her brother is a firework engineer (if that's what they're called) and she wanted an individual card for him.  I remembered a card I'd seen in a card magazine a few years ago (sorry, can't remember the name) and used it as a model.  I put a spot of red poster paint on the card and spread out the rays with a paint brush.  Reading the mag article carefully (afterwards!! LOL) I saw I should have sprinkled glitter on while the paint was still wet.  Having already dried it with my heat gun(!) I then had to put a blob of glue on and spread it with a cocktail stick, and then added the glitter.  Once I had done the three colours, it looked a bit bare so I added some glitter glue and I think the two types of glitter work well together, giving extra texture (it shows best on the gold one).  The mag picture had some nice star outline peel offs but I only had some filled in ones.  I'm fairly happy with the result, and I hope my friend and her brother will be.  I'm just waiting for the glue to dry properly before adding an insert.

It looks really pink but live, it's a dark burgundy?!
I've just seen the theme "glitter & sparkles" on the Craft your Passion challenge so decided to take the plunge with this one.  It should win just for the sheer amount of glitter on it, LOL!

Last night I decoupaged a couple of cards to add to my Christmas supply to sell for charity.  The decoupage sheet was £1.65 from a local shop.  I quite like the non-traditional colours, after all my bleaching efforts on red and green.

Sorry about poor quality of pics - I can't get them right this time of the year - with or without the flash.  They are actually a nice shade of pinky-beige (there's probably a better name than that!) and not the wishy-washy nothing-ey colour they look here.

I knocked up several cards for my charity stall last night, too.  I had been finding it very time consuming to make cards from used ones.  I've now discovered that if I sort them into colours, and work on one colour at a time, I only need a few coordinating papers etc out, rather than the chaos I had been working in!

 I'm not quite sure how she sneaked in (I'd decided to do purple cards) - I reckon it's just I think she's really sweet!
Not sure about this one

Just noticed the strange angle I was holding the camera at - makes it look like the flower is jumping out at you - sorry about that!

This one was a real cheat - all I did was mount the pic on the card - but he was too cute to resist!  I can't decide whether to put something in the bottom right corner, or leave well alone.

Anyway, time to think about something other than cards - my husband is very patient but there ARE limits!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Finished - with 10 minutes before our guests arrive!!

Phew - Sorry about fuzzy images but you get the general idea!  Must remember not to use glitter glue again, or at least invest in a good quality one.  This one took AGES to dry, dribbled and was a real pain!


I'll decide tomorrow whether any of them are good enough to enter for a challenge. 

Night night and bon appetit! x

Happy Accidents ...

... and the other sort!

Three hours later, and still playing ...  I'm learning a lot here, so wanted to record it for myself - and to help anyone else learn from my mistakes efforts.

Accident #1 - 
Anyone whoever's cleaned a bathroom wearing decent clothes knows how lethal bleach is for splashing and removing colour when you don't want to!  Well, the same happens when card making!   The tiniest drop (invisible when it happens) suddenly turns into a white spot.  In this case, it was a happy accident that looked like snow (sort of!) so I added some more with the tip of a paint brush.  I also used the brush to paint bleach on where the stamp didn't take at first.

Notes to Self, following Accident # 2 and following!

1.  Leave bleached work well away from each other while waiting for them to dry
2.  Dry flat - note the glitter glue blobs that dripped down while propped up
3.  Practice using glitter glue - I don't know if it's because mine is a cheap, inherited, nameless variety, but it  
            gives out air bubbles if you're not careful.  One long squeeze rather than short bursts, helps.

One useful thing I found - I realised I could use a clear stamp block to draw a square around a piece I wanted to salvage from a mistake.  Drawing round three sides first, I just had to move it to line up the fourth, and it was quite accurate.


Here are the others so far - none of them are really good enough to sell because of blobbed glitter glue (ggrrhh!) but ok for prototypes - as I said in the earlier post, it's interesting to note how the card make-up affects the resulting colour - two red cards, two different bleached colours (second one much yellower).  I will chop them up, using the clear block, and layer them on other cards.

Perhaps another post later, but we have peeps coming for a meal tonight and I can't leave my patient husband to do everything!  We have an arrangement which works a treat - he's a good cook & enjoys it, and I whip round with the vacuum cleaner & duster etc.

Life's a bleach!

Good morning!  Having made bed and put washing on, I don't feel guilty sitting down to start crafting!

I woke up thinking about bleaching (as you do!) and decided to do some experimenting, hoping to knock out reams of Christmas cards, in particular.  Here's what happened -

I wasn't sure if bleach would damage my stamps (it hasn't, BTW, but I will wash them thoroughly when finished) so I used some cheap foam ones that I've inherited somewhere along the line, and some tiny snowflakes that are quite sweet.  What I wanted to develop were backgrounds and perhaps some that would look good in a row.  I put some bleach on a sheet of kitchen paper -

And these were the results -

The greens were the first attempt, and you obviously have to be careful how much bleach you pick up (LOL) and I don't like the jaundiced yellow very much - presumably it depends on the make-up of the card, and you'd need to experiment with each type you tried, first.  The burgundy (looks pink here!) were much better.  I was particularly impressed with the holly and the little flakes were quite sweet.  I don't know if it was the cheap stamps - a bad workman always blames his tools! - but my bottom left corners often don't come clean - I must remember to press down hard there.

Anyway, I'll continue playing today, and hope to post again before bedtime!


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

At the end of a long day ...

Woke up this am thinking I need to be more disciplined with my day off each week - I usually get to the evening and wonder what I've achieved.

So, got up at my usual time and, by the time I met a friend for coffee at 1pm I'd coloured my hair, changed the bed, cleaned the bedroom and bathroom, got a second wash load on the line (3rd this afternoon!), and done my first assignment for my Pastoral Training Course!  So far, so good!

HOWEVER, the afternoon didn't go so well!  I planned to have a luxurious session of card making but then had a complete lack of inspiration - do you have times when nothing goes together - colour, pattern, theme ...?  I finally finished a less than grand total of two cards and now Blogger upload is disabled so I can't even share them with you!  Oh well ... tomorrow is another day.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

A quick hello ...

... after a great first day at my Pastoral Training Course - special thanks to my new friends Fiona and Diane - looking forward to seeing you both again next month.

Just popped by to say I've entered the comp over at

Hope to speak to you all tomorrow xx

Friday, 15 October 2010


No card making tonight - I'm cream crackered after getting to bed at 12.30am last night and on the go all day today - really beginning to feel my age - wouldn't have bothered me a few years ago!  I'm up again at 6.30am (on a SATURDAY?!?!?!) to leave the house at 7.30 tomorrow - off to Oxford where I'm starting a year's Pastoral Training Course - one Sat per month - with homework (urgghh!! haven't done that for years!) so I must get some shut eye. 

Hope to do some crafty stuff Sun evening, maybe (sighs!)  So, just a quick butcher's round Blogland before bedtime at a respectable hour.


Thursday, 14 October 2010

At long last ...

... I've finally been able to connect to the internet tonight!  I finished off a commission wedding card today - I find it really hard making cards for folks I don't know - have no idea of their tastes, etc.  Oh well, I hope they like it when their auntie gives it.

I raided the cupboard over at Ikki's Cuttlebug Cupboard for ideas - thanks so much, Ikki - your cards and tutorials are amazing!

Sorry it's so dark - now it's dark by 6.30pm I find it impossible to take decent pics.  Anyway, the card is white, three flowers punched out with Harry (my Cuttlebug), backed with purple patterned paper and pearls, and the cut outs added to the bottom of the card, with purple brads. 

The writing is computer generated, using Papyrus font in a purple to match the flowers.

I added a patterned vellum insert with the 'love is patient and kind ...' quote from 1 Corinthians 13, and a matching blank piece opposite, for the message.  This shows glue blobs behind corners of paper - managed to squash these out, so they don't show live.

A very simple, quick card and I think I'll knock a few out on this theme, to add to the Teddy Wares stash.

I'll take some better pics and enter it for Scrapbook Sisters (flowers) and the Tuesday Throwdown (threes) at

Just time tonight to check out and get some more inspiration from my fav blogs.  I'll make some more cards for sale tomorrow and Sat night - need more stock.

Night night All! xx

What amazing blog candy here, girls -

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

WOYWW - Alls well that ...

well, almost ends well.

I spent ages this week, thinking of ideas for last week's Scrapbook Sisters Challenge 'full moon'.  By the time I'd wrestled with finding the right silhouette and messing about, I'd missed the deadline.  Anyway, I'm fairly happy with the final result, and have learned lots en route, and will enter it for Ink on my Fingers 'imagine' and Scrap it with a Song, where lyrics include "all you need is your own imagination" (it might be stretching it for this one, but if you don't try ...LOL)

 I joined together a couple of silhouettes I'd cut out, mounted on pale yellow (though you'd never guess from the pic!) and then had to do quite a bit of 'doctoring'!  She looked as though she was suspended in thin air so, in the finished picture you'll see I added a branch for her to perch on.  The wings and trees looked like one big blob until I edged with a silver marker.  Got carried away with this, and went all round her outline.  Her head then looked very odd so I took a chance with covering over much of the silver with a black felt pen - thank goodness, it worked!  I then cut a square(ish! LOL!) aperture in a piece of the same black cardstock.

I put a piece of plain parchment on the inside of the aperture, then married the image up to it, on the back.

With the light shining through, I thought it captured the full moon idea quite well (just a shame too late!!)  Anyway, worried that the whole thing was beginning to look too black, I added the flowers and skeleton leaf from my stash, and stamped the greeting, using Clear Choice alphabet letters.

This is what it looks like, flat down -

Hope you like it!  Back to the drawing board, to make the most of my day off. xx

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Decided I really need more practice at making cards using my computer.  I've spent all evening messing about with lining things up and still not a very happy bunny with the result.

Apologies for quality of pic - but it is 11pm!
I started off with a matt silver base card (my only sheet of it), originally wanted to print greeting straight on, so tested several times on paper, thought it looked ok, put the card in - and it printed on the inside - aarrghhh!  The card I ended up using is a rather nice, almost matt deep red with a very slight shine to it but I would have preferred the whole thing not to be quite so red. 

Several notes to self -

1.  Always do any printing before scoring the lines (love my eazi score, BTW)
2.  Always print tests on same size paper as final copy - got it placed right from top to bottom, then realised it was on the right hand side of the page, not left, when it printed out
3.  Make sure I have more than one sheet of card in case of mistakes
4.  Start earlier in the day!!

It's ok but only just.  If it was a commission I wouldn't sell it but since it's for friends - not that they're not worth my best efforts! - they will appreciate it just because it's hand made, if you see what I mean.

Anyway, quite happy with the other experiments - paper flower and score lines (although card stock a bit too thick for this).

Need to make lots of cards this week as I sold another half dozen or so this morning - yippee!  Any card making friends who live locally, please consider making a few extra to put on the Teddy Wares stall.

Night night All xx

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

An afternoon of decoupage

A few years ago I was given a load of decoupage sheets.  To be honest, I'm not usually that keen on it - mainly because the images always seem a bit old fashioned (or that might just be the selection I've got!)  Anyway, I've had this little cutie sitting on my work table for a couple of months now, not knowing what to do with her.  Whatever card I put her against, it just didn't look right.  Then I realised what was wrong - her rope was drawn in, and the space inside was just white.  So, I chopped off the rope altogether and substituted some cord and mounted it on a patchwork background with faux stitching (sorry, invisible in poor light).

Sorry about the quality of shot - dark now, and camera battery running low combined with energy saving bulbs ...
I'm really quite pleased with the result.  Managed to knock off another couple of decoupage efforts - only thought to photo them once in cello bags so again, sorry for quality but you get the idea.

Night night - see you soon x

Floribunda Teddywarium ...

... and not a greenfly in sight!

Sat up til the wee hours watching Youtube videos on making paper flowers.  Then today, been experimenting with them.  I haven't got any circle cutters or dies, so raided the kitchen for this ...

The red flower was made using the top of the tumbler, and the white one using the bottom.

I was really chuffed with the results.  The white one is just ordinary 80g copy paper and the red, a slightly heavier one, but not card (only among scraps I was given, so no details).  Great results and cheap as chips!!

I'm now waiting for my Eazi Score to arrive cos I want to do an all white wedding card and a simple ruby wedding one.  Watch this space ...

Sheer frivolity - and fun!

Just finished my entry for Crafty Ann's Challenge Blog - this time 'anything but a card'.

I suddenly thought of the great shoes I learned to make at a day workshop several years ago, with the amazing Serena Partridge.  PLEASE come back to Worcester, Serena - we need you!

So, I took one apart to use as a template and - voila

I'm really pleased with this one.  Recognise the paper, Mel?  Thanks for your scraps!!

Wish me luck!

What is it ...

about cats and boxes?  Here's Theo (16 and should know better!) in a box that arrived yesterday.  I was really moved at receiving the button tin and sewing box, and most of all a handwritten notebook of poetry collected by my elderly aunt who died a few months ago - very precious!

I'm feeling a good bit better this morning - you didn't need to know that, but I'm challenging myself and get down to things today - I've got a personalised wedding card and a ruby anniversary card to do, and I've  just noticed an interesting challenge on a blog - more later.  The idea is that I can't back down from this resolution now - unless I edit this post at the end of the day!! LOL

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Don't stand too close ...!

I'm in training for the UK Sneezing Team for the Olympics!  At this rate, I'll get the gold, hands down!  So, off to bed early tonight with no card making.

How does anyone out there manage their challenges?

I've been wondering how all the talented crafters keep track of the challenges they enter - some require you to reply when you've won and, if you don't keep a record, presumably you'll lose out?!  You also need to be able to see opportunities at a glance, to see how many you could enter with one card.

So ... I've drawn up an Excel spreadsheet showing date challenge set, deadline for entries, blog setting it, conditions (tricky cos a lot of them are pics) and then blank columns for my cards - no 1,2 etc and then ticking the comps I hope to enter them for.

What do you crafters reckon?  Got better ways?

Right, up to bed now - hope I'll feel better tomorrow and get lots of crafting done (day off!!)

Night night xx

Monday, 4 October 2010


I was so thrilled yesterday - official launch of Teddy Wares at church.  At the end, I was able to hand over £100!! which will buy a sewing machine out in India, & enable a woman to be trained in tailoring and support her family!  And all with cards sold at just £2 each.  I am SO happy! 

The board was looking very bare by the end of the morning - I'm glad to say!

Spent this evening making cards with 24 beautiful photos donated by my young friend, Phoebe.  I didn't add anything as it would really have been a case of 'gilding the lily'.  There is such talent around, and generosity among our teens - what a shame that only the bad stuff ever hits the news!  Never mind - I'm saying it here - the youngsters I know are GREAT!!