Wednesday, 13 October 2010

WOYWW - Alls well that ...

well, almost ends well.

I spent ages this week, thinking of ideas for last week's Scrapbook Sisters Challenge 'full moon'.  By the time I'd wrestled with finding the right silhouette and messing about, I'd missed the deadline.  Anyway, I'm fairly happy with the final result, and have learned lots en route, and will enter it for Ink on my Fingers 'imagine' and Scrap it with a Song, where lyrics include "all you need is your own imagination" (it might be stretching it for this one, but if you don't try ...LOL)

 I joined together a couple of silhouettes I'd cut out, mounted on pale yellow (though you'd never guess from the pic!) and then had to do quite a bit of 'doctoring'!  She looked as though she was suspended in thin air so, in the finished picture you'll see I added a branch for her to perch on.  The wings and trees looked like one big blob until I edged with a silver marker.  Got carried away with this, and went all round her outline.  Her head then looked very odd so I took a chance with covering over much of the silver with a black felt pen - thank goodness, it worked!  I then cut a square(ish! LOL!) aperture in a piece of the same black cardstock.

I put a piece of plain parchment on the inside of the aperture, then married the image up to it, on the back.

With the light shining through, I thought it captured the full moon idea quite well (just a shame too late!!)  Anyway, worried that the whole thing was beginning to look too black, I added the flowers and skeleton leaf from my stash, and stamped the greeting, using Clear Choice alphabet letters.

This is what it looks like, flat down -

Hope you like it!  Back to the drawing board, to make the most of my day off. xx

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