Wednesday, 20 October 2010

At the end of a long day ...

Woke up this am thinking I need to be more disciplined with my day off each week - I usually get to the evening and wonder what I've achieved.

So, got up at my usual time and, by the time I met a friend for coffee at 1pm I'd coloured my hair, changed the bed, cleaned the bedroom and bathroom, got a second wash load on the line (3rd this afternoon!), and done my first assignment for my Pastoral Training Course!  So far, so good!

HOWEVER, the afternoon didn't go so well!  I planned to have a luxurious session of card making but then had a complete lack of inspiration - do you have times when nothing goes together - colour, pattern, theme ...?  I finally finished a less than grand total of two cards and now Blogger upload is disabled so I can't even share them with you!  Oh well ... tomorrow is another day.

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