Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Don't stand too close ...!

I'm in training for the UK Sneezing Team for the Olympics!  At this rate, I'll get the gold, hands down!  So, off to bed early tonight with no card making.

How does anyone out there manage their challenges?

I've been wondering how all the talented crafters keep track of the challenges they enter - some require you to reply when you've won and, if you don't keep a record, presumably you'll lose out?!  You also need to be able to see opportunities at a glance, to see how many you could enter with one card.

So ... I've drawn up an Excel spreadsheet showing date challenge set, deadline for entries, blog setting it, conditions (tricky cos a lot of them are pics) and then blank columns for my cards - no 1,2 etc and then ticking the comps I hope to enter them for.

What do you crafters reckon?  Got better ways?

Right, up to bed now - hope I'll feel better tomorrow and get lots of crafting done (day off!!)

Night night xx

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