Sunday, 31 October 2010

An extra hour on the PC!

Lovely to have an extra hour this morning, before church.  Decided to write here, after putting my new cards in bags ready to sell this morning (I hope!)  Good to have my first stash of Christmas cards ready.

Thought I'd show you my new purchases, and a couple of cards.  Popped in to Dunelm and found

these cute stamps.  I've been admiring the oriental cards in mags and on the net, and thought I'd have a go.  I try to buy kit that will do for different sorts of cards and reckon that the flower will be particularly useful.

Found these papers that will go with them, but look very versatile and will go with lots of other cards.

These looked so cute I couldn't resist them -
I need to make some 'new baby' cards to sell, so these should be ideal, as well as for birthday cards, etc.

These were the last of the 'bleach' experiments from last week.  I was pleased to find the gold bows with bells in my stash, to finish them off.  I'll make another batch during the week, to sell.

The blue one looks a bit odd - the sentiment is all blue and silver, but picked up some red in the pic, from the flash, I suppose.

Had to smile - after my early start, managed to leave the new cards sitting on the table when we left the house!  Oh well - there's always next Sunday!

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