Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Firework Card - and more

Just finished a card for a friend.  Her brother is a firework engineer (if that's what they're called) and she wanted an individual card for him.  I remembered a card I'd seen in a card magazine a few years ago (sorry, can't remember the name) and used it as a model.  I put a spot of red poster paint on the card and spread out the rays with a paint brush.  Reading the mag article carefully (afterwards!! LOL) I saw I should have sprinkled glitter on while the paint was still wet.  Having already dried it with my heat gun(!) I then had to put a blob of glue on and spread it with a cocktail stick, and then added the glitter.  Once I had done the three colours, it looked a bit bare so I added some glitter glue and I think the two types of glitter work well together, giving extra texture (it shows best on the gold one).  The mag picture had some nice star outline peel offs but I only had some filled in ones.  I'm fairly happy with the result, and I hope my friend and her brother will be.  I'm just waiting for the glue to dry properly before adding an insert.

It looks really pink but live, it's a dark burgundy?!
I've just seen the theme "glitter & sparkles" on the Craft your Passion challenge so decided to take the plunge with this one.  It should win just for the sheer amount of glitter on it, LOL!

Last night I decoupaged a couple of cards to add to my Christmas supply to sell for charity.  The decoupage sheet was £1.65 from a local shop.  I quite like the non-traditional colours, after all my bleaching efforts on red and green.

Sorry about poor quality of pics - I can't get them right this time of the year - with or without the flash.  They are actually a nice shade of pinky-beige (there's probably a better name than that!) and not the wishy-washy nothing-ey colour they look here.

I knocked up several cards for my charity stall last night, too.  I had been finding it very time consuming to make cards from used ones.  I've now discovered that if I sort them into colours, and work on one colour at a time, I only need a few coordinating papers etc out, rather than the chaos I had been working in!

 I'm not quite sure how she sneaked in (I'd decided to do purple cards) - I reckon it's just I think she's really sweet!
Not sure about this one

Just noticed the strange angle I was holding the camera at - makes it look like the flower is jumping out at you - sorry about that!

This one was a real cheat - all I did was mount the pic on the card - but he was too cute to resist!  I can't decide whether to put something in the bottom right corner, or leave well alone.

Anyway, time to think about something other than cards - my husband is very patient but there ARE limits!

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