Saturday, 23 October 2010

Happy Accidents ...

... and the other sort!

Three hours later, and still playing ...  I'm learning a lot here, so wanted to record it for myself - and to help anyone else learn from my mistakes efforts.

Accident #1 - 
Anyone whoever's cleaned a bathroom wearing decent clothes knows how lethal bleach is for splashing and removing colour when you don't want to!  Well, the same happens when card making!   The tiniest drop (invisible when it happens) suddenly turns into a white spot.  In this case, it was a happy accident that looked like snow (sort of!) so I added some more with the tip of a paint brush.  I also used the brush to paint bleach on where the stamp didn't take at first.

Notes to Self, following Accident # 2 and following!

1.  Leave bleached work well away from each other while waiting for them to dry
2.  Dry flat - note the glitter glue blobs that dripped down while propped up
3.  Practice using glitter glue - I don't know if it's because mine is a cheap, inherited, nameless variety, but it  
            gives out air bubbles if you're not careful.  One long squeeze rather than short bursts, helps.

One useful thing I found - I realised I could use a clear stamp block to draw a square around a piece I wanted to salvage from a mistake.  Drawing round three sides first, I just had to move it to line up the fourth, and it was quite accurate.


Here are the others so far - none of them are really good enough to sell because of blobbed glitter glue (ggrrhh!) but ok for prototypes - as I said in the earlier post, it's interesting to note how the card make-up affects the resulting colour - two red cards, two different bleached colours (second one much yellower).  I will chop them up, using the clear block, and layer them on other cards.

Perhaps another post later, but we have peeps coming for a meal tonight and I can't leave my patient husband to do everything!  We have an arrangement which works a treat - he's a good cook & enjoys it, and I whip round with the vacuum cleaner & duster etc.

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