Saturday, 23 October 2010

Life's a bleach!

Good morning!  Having made bed and put washing on, I don't feel guilty sitting down to start crafting!

I woke up thinking about bleaching (as you do!) and decided to do some experimenting, hoping to knock out reams of Christmas cards, in particular.  Here's what happened -

I wasn't sure if bleach would damage my stamps (it hasn't, BTW, but I will wash them thoroughly when finished) so I used some cheap foam ones that I've inherited somewhere along the line, and some tiny snowflakes that are quite sweet.  What I wanted to develop were backgrounds and perhaps some that would look good in a row.  I put some bleach on a sheet of kitchen paper -

And these were the results -

The greens were the first attempt, and you obviously have to be careful how much bleach you pick up (LOL) and I don't like the jaundiced yellow very much - presumably it depends on the make-up of the card, and you'd need to experiment with each type you tried, first.  The burgundy (looks pink here!) were much better.  I was particularly impressed with the holly and the little flakes were quite sweet.  I don't know if it was the cheap stamps - a bad workman always blames his tools! - but my bottom left corners often don't come clean - I must remember to press down hard there.

Anyway, I'll continue playing today, and hope to post again before bedtime!


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