Sunday, 10 October 2010


Decided I really need more practice at making cards using my computer.  I've spent all evening messing about with lining things up and still not a very happy bunny with the result.

Apologies for quality of pic - but it is 11pm!
I started off with a matt silver base card (my only sheet of it), originally wanted to print greeting straight on, so tested several times on paper, thought it looked ok, put the card in - and it printed on the inside - aarrghhh!  The card I ended up using is a rather nice, almost matt deep red with a very slight shine to it but I would have preferred the whole thing not to be quite so red. 

Several notes to self -

1.  Always do any printing before scoring the lines (love my eazi score, BTW)
2.  Always print tests on same size paper as final copy - got it placed right from top to bottom, then realised it was on the right hand side of the page, not left, when it printed out
3.  Make sure I have more than one sheet of card in case of mistakes
4.  Start earlier in the day!!

It's ok but only just.  If it was a commission I wouldn't sell it but since it's for friends - not that they're not worth my best efforts! - they will appreciate it just because it's hand made, if you see what I mean.

Anyway, quite happy with the other experiments - paper flower and score lines (although card stock a bit too thick for this).

Need to make lots of cards this week as I sold another half dozen or so this morning - yippee!  Any card making friends who live locally, please consider making a few extra to put on the Teddy Wares stall.

Night night All xx

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