Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Seems like forever since my last post.  I've really missed it, but life has just been running away from me.

Actually, I've had to take stock of where I am and how I spend my 'free' time.  I'd like nothing better than just keep entering challenges, which stimulate the creative part of me - and I must admit to feeling really pleased when I see my blog rating climbing up.  However, I've decided that, although I love doing them, and reading all those lovely blogs out there, my crafting priority has got to be where I started from - making cards to sell, to help people who are struggling just to live.  But it is all about balance, and I will dip into the competition side now and again, and continue to spend a bit of time in Blogland, getting creative inspiration from all the fantastic crafters out there .

Today, my desk started out like this

It looks particularly awful because I've had a little factory going, producing Christmas cards for sale.

One of the wooden stamps I bought at the workshop a couple of weeks ago was this bauble.  I stamped it on to cereal box card and used it as a template on some nice Christmassy 12x12, together with a circle bauble (using my trusty tumbler).  I then used the stamp and parts of a flourish to decorate them.

The green patterned card was stamped with the original stamp, and heat embossed using gold glitter, while the red one was stamped twice with the flourish, once with glitter (not very noticeable) and on the other side with white embossing powder.  I then mounted them on cards, using peel-off gold lines as strings.

By this time I was getting a bit bored (you see why my blog is 'flutterbies' LOL) so I went on to a commissioned card for a friend's 13yr old grandson - only interested in computer games!

I remembered a card I'd seen in Making Cards mag (Feb 2006) so used this as a starter.

I used a dark navy card and rubbed white chalk over, and sealed it with hair spray.  I cut out the pocket, and 'stitched' with a white gel pen & went over it with a yellow one.  It is stuck to the card with DST on the bottom two sides, and the brads at the top (making sure there was room for the mobile to go in).

The mobile is two pieces of funky foam, sandwiched with a piece of corrugated card to make it more substantial.  I used paper templates to cut everything.  I cut the screen out of the top piece of foam and put in a piece of sparkly card (cut using the off-cut foam as a template). The buttons are circles cut from silver card, using an ordinary hole punch, and handwriting the numerals (I even remembered to put DST on the back of the card before punching the circles - much easier!)  The birthday greeting was a holographic peel-off and the 'grandson' was typed on yellow card, with Mistral font (size 22 I think).

I'm quite pleased with the result, especially the denim effect and the grandson label.

Oh well - back to the Christmas card factory!

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