Saturday, 22 January 2011

Phew - I can now go to bed with a clear conscience!!

I've just spent THREE HOURS spring cleaning my piece of Blogland LOL! 

Since arriving here a few months ago I've been like a kid in a sweetshop - oohing and aahing over just about everything and, instead of saving interesting blogs in some sort of order, I'd just shoved them on my Google 'Favorites' bar.  This meant that, to go travelling, I had to wade through them all, and this was taking all evening by the end(!) because this doesn't show when posts were put on.

I'm also surprised by how my taste has changed.  Although I still admire all the skill and hard work that goes into almost everything I find, I'm discovering my taste is moving more towards clean and simple designs, and just LOVE clever one layer cards.  So, I've whittled down my list a bit and split it into groups - blogs like Ikki's that have become my card bible, blogs that I just love looking at, and challenges (sorted by day).  My next job will be to go through all my fav's and make sure I'm registered as a follower.

I think I'm probably in danger of becoming anally retentive about it all, but I reckon it will make life easier (because I'll be able to navigate around just from my blog page - rather than hopping about as I was before). It should also leave me more time to spend with my craft-widower husband (and for making cards, too - heehee!)

Night night, All!  Sweet dreams xx


  1. I think it looks great - and will certainly make like a bit easier!

  2. Well done Chrysalis it's lovely to find your own style. I don't conform to the norm either and I make whatever takes my fancy on the day.
    Hugs Shirley x x