Monday, 28 February 2011

Christmas & Birthdays all in one!

Hi - I've had the most amazing day!  I got back from a wonderful weekend away to a mystery parcel - until I saw the name 'Julia' on the back!  Thank you SO MUCH to the lovely Mrs Dunnit of who sent me a pile of her beautiful cards to sell for Touch 1000 Lives - Julia, you are such a generous person!

This is just

to say you've made this Flutterby so very

I'm really going to

selling these wonderful donations in aid of these lovely people -

These are children of the Chenchu Tribe (Untouchables), a village of people who live on a site no bigger than a Tesco garage forecourt - THANK YOU to everyone who helps us to help them and many more like them.

My day didn't finish there!  We had a trustee meeting for the charity, and I was given this beautiful present sent from India - this gorgeous top with trousers and scarf to match!  I'm happy to say it is too small for me at the moment, but I will have a photo taken wearing it at the end of July, when my husband and I finish our sponsored slim and collect the money raised - at the moment, we are worth £360 to them, but that will increase as our weight drops - everyone's a winner!

Then, in the afternoon, my friend Katie sent over a huge stash of goodies that she had sorted out from her mother-in-law's craft stuff!  Thank you Katie xx

I am SO blessed to have such wonderful friends! 

So, going to bed a VERY happy bunny, and thanks again to the wonderful Julia xx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

WOYWW Part 2

Here is the anniversary card I've just finished.  I used a free digistamp from the wonderful Cora at  Thanks, Cora, for all your hard (and mostly unsung) work! xx

I was a bit too heavy-handed with the dark green distress ink but am happy with it, on the whole.  It's not as gloomy in real life.  The sentiment was PC generated.  I've started a notebook with scriptures and other sentiments that might come in useful.  I used sari ribbon that I've had for years - only cost pennies for miles of it, and they come in such delicious colours.  Although this looks very blue in the pic, it's actuallly a mix of the lighter blue and green on the card.  The silver in the ribbon and behind the tag lifts the whole thing.

Back to the baby cards now ...  xx

Aaargggggggggghhhhh!!!!!  Got so carried away, I forgot to note the challenges I wanted to enter this one for - hope I've got them all here -
masculine colours at
Dude time at
masculine at
One for the men at

Phew!! x

WOYWW So far -

These are the baby cards I've just finished to bulk up my stock to sell for charity -

For the first three I used some 12x12 backing paper, chopped down.  I'm not normally into scrapping but I never turn down freebie papers or other kit, and these squares fitted the bill nicely.  The blue sentiment was PC generated, and I was pleased with the way it tuned out.

The one with the pram came from another freebie(!) pack of aperture cards, as did the heart one - thanks again to Jean, my lovely friend!

Watch this space - when I get back at lunchtime, I'll be finishing off the anniversary card I've been toying with - found it really hard to come up with an idea for a chap that wasn't too girly or a funny one.  So, I got searching for suitable digis ...

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Too dark for pic's now ...

but I'll post them in the morning for WOYWW.  I'm trying to build up my stock of new baby cards, and need to do some sympathy ones.  There were lots of embellishments for babies in the kit I was given last week, so hopefully I'll knock quite a few out. 

Need to get to bed now - started yet another cold this week - praying it doesn't turn into a chest infection again.  Also, I really want it gone by Thursday as I'm off for the weekend, sharing a room with a couple of girl friends, and I can't go and pass on my bugs to them.

Night night all - speak to you tomorrow xx

Saturday, 19 February 2011

A Steep Learning Curve!

Hi - I've not been very productive today - well, I've been crafting all afternoon, but mostly practicing with my promarkers.  The problem is, at the mo I only have a set of 5 colours, and 5 flesh tones - I'm investing in one 5 pen set per month, so March can't come quick enough for me!!

Anyway, I printed off some digis and, limited colours aside, they just looked really flat and boring - until I thought of touching them up with distress inks - bingo!  Suddenly they're looking a lot softer and, although I've gone outside the lines a bit (!) I'm getting happier with them.  Still not brave enough to put them on cards to sell, yet - more practice needed.  Sorry, this is very basic for all you experts out there, but to a newbie like me, it's like discovering a new land!

Before and After
I did make one card today - but it was a real cheat!  A friend gave me a gorgeous used birthday card, so I found a BP to match, and hey presto -

Isn't she a stunner? (I can say that without boasting, since she's not one of mine!!) The BP looks quite flat here, but the colours are much brighter in real life, and she really zings.  The top left got chopped off, but there's a ribbon threaded through, as she was a tag card in her former life.

Anyway, back to the practicing (my husband has never known me so quiet - haha!)


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Finished ...

I finally decided to add just a computer-generated sentiment to this card. 

From this angle it looks like the H is covered up - not so in real life, promise!!
For some reason I couldn't get my PC to print in white on black cardstock - the same sentiment came out fine in black on white, so that's what I ended up with.  I had thought of putting the sentiment in the top left hand corner, with a '17' in a star on the bottom right but, by this stage I was losing the will to live, so left well alone.  I figure that a cool 17 year old probably wouldn't want his age on it anyway.

Another thing - how can one measly card make so much mess?

What a change from my WOYWW start of the day yesterday!! 

HELP, please!!I've got to do two anniversary cards for wives to give their husbands and need some suggestions.  One's a 23 year one, and the other's for my daughter's 5th anniversary.  If you've done some, please put links on the comments below, and they'll be there to help others, too.  Thanks xx

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I feel sorry for Stradivarius ...

... if he had the problems making violins that I'm having with a guitar!  I've spent almost all day messing around with this, and still feel like putting it in the bin!

The template was so hard to make up - trying to squeeze six strings in parallel lines where the guitar neck went very narrow was impossible.  Suddenly realised it would be sensible to simplify the design, so I then made the neck and the middle bit (sorry, don't know the tech term) all in one and drew in only 3 strings.  I'm still not a happy bunny, though.

The naff picture (taken at 10.15pm) makes the colours look strange - the BPs are black and white, and the red is actually dark burgundy - a lovely really thick handmade paper.

One thing made me smile though - my husband looked at me very oddly when I was explaining my woes - "I think you mean 'neck ' - guitars don't usually have handles!" LOL!  Anyway, off to bed now, to be ready for work again tomorrow.

PS  Do you reckon the card needs anything else?  Does it look a bit bare?  Not sure whether to put a '17' in the bottom right, or something top left? xx

WOYWW - Why didn't I think of it before?

Doh!!  I've been struggling for space ever since I moved my craft stuff into another room, shared with PC table, bookcases and everything else without a home of its own.  I'd put the table under the bay window so, being vertically challenged (!) I couldn't reach the window ledge comfortably.  I'd kept all the paper/card etc under the table - a right pain every time I wanted to search through them. 

Suddenly struck me on Sunday - why not turn the table at right angles - ta-da!!

This means I can use (and reach!) all the window ledge, and have now got more than 6" space on the table, and paper/envelopes etc are all within reach.

This bag was a lovely surprise which arrived yesterday from my lovely friend Jean - lots of bought tags, decoupage bits, stamps + more!  It's always great to be given additions to my stash for charity cards!

This is the guitar tutorial/template I mentioned before.  I'll be thinking about this card today for a 17 year old, and two anniversary cards I need to tackle.  If I say here that I'll post my endeavours later today, that might keep me on track.  I might just have a very quick look round Blogland with a cuppa before I start, though ...!
Have a lovely day, All.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I spoke too soon!

Me again - I've just come across  Just what the doctor ordered!  I'll post the card when it's finished.  Hopefully I can go back to bed now and get some sleep (4.43am!! - don't tell you-know-who! - hopefully he's still asleep LOL) xx

Any Ideas?

Hi All - I've just been asked to do a 17th birthday card for a lad, featuring a guitar.  Anyone done anything similar, or any ideas?  I've been looking at clip art but nothing to set the pulses racing.  I can't afford to spend much as I only charge £2 per card for charity, and probably wouldn't use an expensive stamp again.

I'd love to hear from you.   x

Friday, 11 February 2011

Another lovely blog

Just cruising round Blogland before going to bed and came across this lovely blog

Thanks for sharing your great work, Ayana - I'm looking forward to visiting you often.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone - no crafting tomorrow (nose to the grindstone on my course all day) but I hope to sneak a couple of crafty hours on Sunday afternoon.  I've just been discovering the delights of watercolour pencils - I LOVE my promarkers but am getting a bit bored with only having 10!  Can't wait til next payday, when I can invest in another set of 5 - which ones to choose, that's the problem.

Anyway, enough rambling - off to bed! xx

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Just finding my way round editing comments and managed to delete all the lovely messages!  Nothing personal, peeps!!  I'll get the hang of all this techie stuff eventually - hope you all have the patience to stick around long enough - LOL!! xx to everyone

My First Award!!

A huge THANK YOU to Deborah over at for my first award! 

I love just making cards and other stuff - but it's so much nicer to share them with others (apart from my DH who gets a glazed look in his eye when I burst in with "Do you want to see this that I've just finished ...?!)

Gosh - there are LOADS of lovely crafters whom I admire but I want to pass this on to other inhabitants of Blogland -
Ruthie over at who makes some delicious cards and cakes, and other goodies, Esther of maker of beautiful cards and - whoops, there's a theme emerging here! - yet more lovely cakes, and last but not least to Julie over at, hoping this might encourage you with decorating the new craft room.

Inspirational work, All - thank you all, ladies.  Long may you reign!!


WOYWW - No time to play today

I'm up against it today (my own fault!) but I've got to give in 8 course assignments on Saturday and I've only finished half so far - oops!  Nose to the grindstone today (day off) and tomorrow evening.

So, here are the last of my Valentines (the reason the assignments are behind LOL) -

The BP is actually black, and I thought they would appeal as cards for men.  The butterfly in the second is two punched hearts that I dry embossed from the back with my icing ball tool (! very versatile LOL) and added some glitter glue spots for bling.

Can't see any challenges to enter them for, but hope you enjoy.

Big sigh ... back to the assignments ...

Monday, 7 February 2011

Last but not least ,,,

Here's the last digi for this week.  I'm entering it for

I'll say goodnight for now, as I must be a good girl and get on with my homework!  Aarrgggghhh - it's 11pm!  Don't tell my DH I'm still up, will you?!  Hopefully he'll be in the land of nod by now!

Yet another digi -

I am having SO MUCH fun!  I think it might be a case of 'simple things pleas simple minds!!'

This one is again going to
for their 'no embellsihments
and for using a digi,

Promarkers rule!!

It doesn't show very clearly here but the heart is raised from the card with foam pads. I want to enter it for

and, because of my digistamp bear and sentiment, for


Digis Galore!

And another for



Sunday, 6 February 2011

Slight Change!

I've just discovered that I don't seem to be able to enter two cards from the same post on a challenge, so the ladybirds are migrating to here!

Still entering -


Here's hoping!  If I don't win anything at this rate it won't be for want of traying - LOL!  Oh - just realised - my typing is now going across the page - yippee!!

If at first ...

here goes - I'll try uploading again.

  This all-red one has hearts cut from mulberry paper, faux stitching and a digistamp sentiment.  The hearts look a bit flat on the pic but in real life the paper pops out nicely from the card.

I'm entering it for 'red, red, red ' at

It's also going over to

and to using a digi at

My ladybirds are flying off to 'red, red, red' again over at
and 'use a digi' at

I was going to enter it for the 'no embellishment' one as well, and then spotted the stick-on heart I'd used to cover up a mark!!

Things are very strange here on my blog today - can't get my typing to go straight across the page - very odd!

I'll add the others later in the week.

All you need is ...

... digistamps and promarkers!  I haven't done any colouring before and have just started buying promarkers - a set of 5 each month, courtesy of Joanna Sheen - quite the best deal in town, I reckon!  I started with flesh tones last month, and the brights in Feb., and am colouring everything in sight!  Makes me feel like I'm at primary school again - how therapeutic!!

Anyway, made lots of Valentines to sell for charity and want to enter a few for some of the great challenges around -

This one's going to 'use a digi' at
Drat!! For some reason my PC doesn't want to upload any more pics so I'll let it have a siesta and try to put the rest on later - hope I don't miss any deadlines!