Monday, 28 February 2011

Christmas & Birthdays all in one!

Hi - I've had the most amazing day!  I got back from a wonderful weekend away to a mystery parcel - until I saw the name 'Julia' on the back!  Thank you SO MUCH to the lovely Mrs Dunnit of who sent me a pile of her beautiful cards to sell for Touch 1000 Lives - Julia, you are such a generous person!

This is just

to say you've made this Flutterby so very

I'm really going to

selling these wonderful donations in aid of these lovely people -

These are children of the Chenchu Tribe (Untouchables), a village of people who live on a site no bigger than a Tesco garage forecourt - THANK YOU to everyone who helps us to help them and many more like them.

My day didn't finish there!  We had a trustee meeting for the charity, and I was given this beautiful present sent from India - this gorgeous top with trousers and scarf to match!  I'm happy to say it is too small for me at the moment, but I will have a photo taken wearing it at the end of July, when my husband and I finish our sponsored slim and collect the money raised - at the moment, we are worth £360 to them, but that will increase as our weight drops - everyone's a winner!

Then, in the afternoon, my friend Katie sent over a huge stash of goodies that she had sorted out from her mother-in-law's craft stuff!  Thank you Katie xx

I am SO blessed to have such wonderful friends! 

So, going to bed a VERY happy bunny, and thanks again to the wonderful Julia xx

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  1. You're welcome. Love the way you used them to make a message!