Thursday, 17 February 2011

Finished ...

I finally decided to add just a computer-generated sentiment to this card. 

From this angle it looks like the H is covered up - not so in real life, promise!!
For some reason I couldn't get my PC to print in white on black cardstock - the same sentiment came out fine in black on white, so that's what I ended up with.  I had thought of putting the sentiment in the top left hand corner, with a '17' in a star on the bottom right but, by this stage I was losing the will to live, so left well alone.  I figure that a cool 17 year old probably wouldn't want his age on it anyway.

Another thing - how can one measly card make so much mess?

What a change from my WOYWW start of the day yesterday!! 

HELP, please!!I've got to do two anniversary cards for wives to give their husbands and need some suggestions.  One's a 23 year one, and the other's for my daughter's 5th anniversary.  If you've done some, please put links on the comments below, and they'll be there to help others, too.  Thanks xx

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