Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I feel sorry for Stradivarius ...

... if he had the problems making violins that I'm having with a guitar!  I've spent almost all day messing around with this, and still feel like putting it in the bin!

The template was so hard to make up - trying to squeeze six strings in parallel lines where the guitar neck went very narrow was impossible.  Suddenly realised it would be sensible to simplify the design, so I then made the neck and the middle bit (sorry, don't know the tech term) all in one and drew in only 3 strings.  I'm still not a happy bunny, though.

The naff picture (taken at 10.15pm) makes the colours look strange - the BPs are black and white, and the red is actually dark burgundy - a lovely really thick handmade paper.

One thing made me smile though - my husband looked at me very oddly when I was explaining my woes - "I think you mean 'neck ' - guitars don't usually have handles!" LOL!  Anyway, off to bed now, to be ready for work again tomorrow.

PS  Do you reckon the card needs anything else?  Does it look a bit bare?  Not sure whether to put a '17' in the bottom right, or something top left? xx

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