Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My First Award!!

A huge THANK YOU to Deborah over at for my first award! 

I love just making cards and other stuff - but it's so much nicer to share them with others (apart from my DH who gets a glazed look in his eye when I burst in with "Do you want to see this that I've just finished ...?!)

Gosh - there are LOADS of lovely crafters whom I admire but I want to pass this on to other inhabitants of Blogland -
Ruthie over at who makes some delicious cards and cakes, and other goodies, Esther of maker of beautiful cards and - whoops, there's a theme emerging here! - yet more lovely cakes, and last but not least to Julie over at, hoping this might encourage you with decorating the new craft room.

Inspirational work, All - thank you all, ladies.  Long may you reign!!



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  2. Hi Chrysalis, thank you for the award, it was very kind of you. I have enjoyed looking around your blog and will be back soon.