Saturday, 19 February 2011

A Steep Learning Curve!

Hi - I've not been very productive today - well, I've been crafting all afternoon, but mostly practicing with my promarkers.  The problem is, at the mo I only have a set of 5 colours, and 5 flesh tones - I'm investing in one 5 pen set per month, so March can't come quick enough for me!!

Anyway, I printed off some digis and, limited colours aside, they just looked really flat and boring - until I thought of touching them up with distress inks - bingo!  Suddenly they're looking a lot softer and, although I've gone outside the lines a bit (!) I'm getting happier with them.  Still not brave enough to put them on cards to sell, yet - more practice needed.  Sorry, this is very basic for all you experts out there, but to a newbie like me, it's like discovering a new land!

Before and After
I did make one card today - but it was a real cheat!  A friend gave me a gorgeous used birthday card, so I found a BP to match, and hey presto -

Isn't she a stunner? (I can say that without boasting, since she's not one of mine!!) The BP looks quite flat here, but the colours are much brighter in real life, and she really zings.  The top left got chopped off, but there's a ribbon threaded through, as she was a tag card in her former life.

Anyway, back to the practicing (my husband has never known me so quiet - haha!)


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  1. hi Chrysalis, your colouring looks fab to me, the distress inks really has made the image pop.It is so so much easier to colour though when you have a massive collection of different shades.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving such a lovely comment:)