Wednesday, 16 February 2011

WOYWW - Why didn't I think of it before?

Doh!!  I've been struggling for space ever since I moved my craft stuff into another room, shared with PC table, bookcases and everything else without a home of its own.  I'd put the table under the bay window so, being vertically challenged (!) I couldn't reach the window ledge comfortably.  I'd kept all the paper/card etc under the table - a right pain every time I wanted to search through them. 

Suddenly struck me on Sunday - why not turn the table at right angles - ta-da!!

This means I can use (and reach!) all the window ledge, and have now got more than 6" space on the table, and paper/envelopes etc are all within reach.

This bag was a lovely surprise which arrived yesterday from my lovely friend Jean - lots of bought tags, decoupage bits, stamps + more!  It's always great to be given additions to my stash for charity cards!

This is the guitar tutorial/template I mentioned before.  I'll be thinking about this card today for a 17 year old, and two anniversary cards I need to tackle.  If I say here that I'll post my endeavours later today, that might keep me on track.  I might just have a very quick look round Blogland with a cuppa before I start, though ...!
Have a lovely day, All.


  1. you can never have too much room as a crafter andcreating extra space is such a bonus, look forward to seeing the completed cards

  2. Its amazing how suddenly a simple idea can make so much difference!

  3. Great desk space, doesn't it annoy you that you have been struggling, then come up with a really simple solution!glad I'm not the only one, lol. Shaz #131

  4. Sometimes a little change can have big impact, can't it. Enjoy your extra space. S #106

  5. Happy creating in your new space!!


  6. Achange is better than a rest plus now youve gained more space!Happy WOYWW.
    hugs judex22

  7. Aha, a flash of inspiration and it all comes together! That worked out really well! I have a handful of finished cards that I'd happily send to you to put towards you charity endeavours - I realise it's not as good as getting the stash, but if you want them, let me know!

  8. An Aha moment! Great your space!

  9. A lightbulb moment! I had a couple of those myself this week when I was doing a bit of craft room reorganization too. SO nice to get new additions to the stash, however we come by them!

    Brenda 100

  10. Very nice! Very operable change to your craft room layout. Makes working easier.
    Vickie #30

  11. Funny how we all struggle with something and then the simpliest solution improves things - glad it made things easier enjoy rummaging in the bag of stash ~ Nicky no.6

  12. It is always nice to have a Taaaadaaaaaaaaaaah! moment!!! Thanks for visiting!
    Would love to have a rummage in that bag!!!

    Sam aka Hettie