Thursday, 31 March 2011

I hope this meets the rules!

Entering the book I finished last night for this challenge.  Hope it doesn't break the back-linking rule - I did only finish it an hour before Thursday officially started!

All the pages are detailed on last night's post.
Going to spend an hour blog-hopping before an early night.  Night night All xx

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

WOYWW - Six Generations of Flutterby Women!

Phew! Finally finished the project for my Mum, for mothering Sunday this weekend.  I decided to make a mini album showing as many generations of us girls as I could find pic's for.  This is what I came up with -

The colours are a bit brighter than in the pics.  The BPs on the front and vintage photos are from a K & Co pack "Life's Journey" which I was given with some other kit.  The ribbon is an Anita "Everyday" one, and the rest of the bits are from my stash.

The first pic is my Great-great-grandmother, with her daughter, my Great Grandma, opposite.

Then comes my Grandmother, followed by my Mum (with Dad on his 21st birthday).

Then there's me on my (2nd) wedding day (15 yrs today!) with my two gorgeous girls,
Jenny and Kate, who are now beautiful women of 31 and 29.

The back cover opens out into three, with a lovely computer-generated quote from the Psalms,
which is very apt for mothering Sunday.

Last but not least, I made a card for my brother Mike's birthday on Friday (but he's no April Fool!)

As you can see, it's an easel card using a recycled pic that is just him
(or how he'd like to be, life and work permitting!!)
Sorry, I just couldn't get rid of the flash spot, despite 3 or 4 attempts from different angles.
The sentiment was computer-generated.
I can't wait to invest in more dies next pay day - I'm in danger of OD'ing on this one!!

Night night All! xx

WOYWW - 15 years and still smiling!

I can't believe where the last 15 year have gone.  Not much on the work table yet, but you can hopefully pop back tonight to see a special birthday card for my special brother, and a Mother's Day keepsake card for Mum.  Have a great day, all, wherever you are.  God bless you!

Chris xx

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Have you heard?

There’s a new challenge blog in town with articles, swaps, interviews, videos, challenges, great prizes and MORE! Check out Lily Pad Cards! [Link:

Monday, 28 March 2011

Oh, What a perfect day ... lala ...

2 1/2 lbs off at WW tonight, followed by a great steak & stilton cooked by my lovely husband for our 15th (eeekk!!) anniversary this Wednesday.  Just going to relax with a glass (or 2) of chateau maison - bliss!  Will be in touch later in the week.  Hugs and blessings to all xx


What A Weekend!

We had a fantastic launch party for our charity Touch 1000 Lives on Saturday night. Catered for 60+ supporters, to thank them for all they do for this worthwhile cause.  If you haven't read, this is what the money from my cards goes to  So wonderful to share with such lovely people!

Then, Sunday catered for 27 people on our Alpha course, for their away day.  If you don't know anything about Alpha, it's a 10 wk chance to find out what Christianity is all about - a great chance to ask all the BIG questions about life, in a safe environment, without feeling awkward, argumentative or stupid.  I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who's trying to work out what life is all about.  There's bound to be one near you.!/ukalphacourse?sk=info

Have a lovely day, peeps!  Must get ready for work now.  I've had an idea for a special card for my Mum on Sunday (mother's day).  I'll post progress during the week, and put up the rest of my MD cards.


Saturday, 26 March 2011

Another busy day for the Flutterbies

Well, some of us!

Rosie and Poppy
It's definitely a cat's life!  Hope you're having a great weekend, wherever you are xx

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Evening, All!

Very excited when I got home from work tonight, to find a card from postie, saying he'd tried to deliver a parcel - must be my promarkers courtesy of the fantastic Joanna Sheen - I only ordered them yesterday!  She's got a special offer on packs of 12, and always free P&P in the UK - so I just couldn't resist getting three packs - well they are a bargain, and I'd only got two packs of 5 so far!  You're convinced, aren't you!?  I just got a long 'hmm' from my long-suffering husband!!  I can't wait to go and pick them up on Sat. from the sorting office - 'The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hooray ...'

Just to let you know, in case you haven't seen it already, blog candy over at Pixie's place -

Off to bed once I've had a quick tour round Blogland - night night all xx

Still not in bed - just had to put link for a chance to win promarkers from Enfys, over at

Goodnight again! xx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

WOYWW Kimonos - Part 2

Back again!  Here is my first finished card, and the colours shows better here.  I mounted the kimono onto acetate and put it in the aperture of a ready-made card.  It looked odd from the inside (showing underneath of BP) so I covered the sleeves with more paper.  I can't cut shapes for toffee, so when I cut paper to cover the inside, the oval was all over the place, so I added some glitter glue there - and to the front of the kimono. 

The inside - showing more splodgy glitter glue in the attempt to hide my cr--py cutting.  What I should have done was to have mounted the aperture cut-out (on the right) onto card which I could have stuck back in the aperture, using foam pads to give a 3D effect, and just stuck the kimono to that, from the front - simples!  Doh! 

WOYWW - Kimonos

Good morning!  I never got round to making any kimonos last night as I was bushed and had a very early night instead.  But - the sun is shining, the washing is blowing in the breeze - so it's play time!

Sorry about the lousy colour - blame the sunshine (or the bad workman!)  It is actually a lovely, smoky blue/green with shiny bits.  Hopefully the pics of the final cards will come out better, later in the day.  Anyway, they only take a couple of mins to make, and you can use up all your odd left overs as they only need 21cm x 6cm paper.  Here is the link to the lovely, generous Lindy who designed them - and lots more, if you want to have a go - do come back and show me, if you do.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Phew! Glad that's over!

Just taken me two hours to upload and enter my mother's day cards this morning!  We could really do with a new, faster PC - hmm, what's that about a bad workman ...?!  Now 7am and I need to shower and get ready for work LOL!  Have a great day, everyone xx

Eight ...

Number 7 - Baboushka

Numero 6

And 5

This lovely sentiment came from

Part 4 - sigh! LOL

Part 3

Part 2

And again - Part 1

Monday, 21 March 2011

Mother's Day meets digis

Here are some of the MD cards I've made - all from digis.  They were all freebies - the vintage ones and the dress model are from The Graphics Fairy but I'm afraid I can't remember where the little girls came from - anyone know, so I can tell others?  The sentiments were computer-generated, except for the Scripture verse and the coloured MD one, which were both digis.

I'm entering them all for the Mother's Day Challenge over at

and individual ones as follows -

 The effect I was looking for with the vintage ones was the sort in this family photo, where certain parts are picked out -

So, I painted the details with DIs and sponged DIs for the background.

I'm going to spend this evening making paper kimonos, to go on some Japanese-type decoupage cards I've been given.  I'll post them and give deets for the pattern when they're done - the prototype was a little bit fiddly but once I've done a couple, I hope I'll get quicker.


Edit:  Rats!  Just remembered that you can't enter more than one pic in a post for some challenges, so I'll do a separate post for each one - sorry, boring! xx

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Better late than never ...

... just about to go to bed (ssooooooo tired!) but wanted to let you know about the lovely Di ( and the chance to win some candy over at her place. 

The reason I'm so tired?  I got up at 5am to finish making a pile of mother's day cards to sell at church today.  I want to enter some of them for challenges, so will post them up during the week.  Lots of love for now, and night night! xx

Friday, 18 March 2011

Greetings ...

to two new followers, the lovely Shaz and Maggie, and welcome to our happy band.  Great to have you aboard.  I look forward to visiting you both, and expect that the other gals (and Neil!) will do so, too. 

Just spent a lazy evening travelling round Blogland, and finding digistamps to add to my collections - especially on the lookout for Easter ones at the mo.  I don't know if you've found Alison yet, at but these are amazing - she finds lots of new ones every day.  Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf! xx

Back to mother's day cards tomorrow, before Robin and Carol come over for a meal in the evening.

Night night All xx

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Should be ashamed of myself!!

Do you ever think 'where is my life rushing away to?'  I dashed home from work tonight, threw a meal down my neck (thank goodness for a wonderful husband who loves cooking!) and rushed out to a craft night I run each month.  Didn't have time to sort any work to do there - so ended up taking a jigsaw! How frustrating & stoopid is that?!  If I could take my whole work table it would be fine, cos I tend to make cards up as I go along and never know in advance what I'm going to need.

Anyway, I'm determined not to be caught on the hop for tomorrow afternoon's craft club.  I've just spent an hour printing off some digistamps for mother's day cards, and will take them to do some therapeutic colouring,to finish off a hectic week.  I'll post up the results - if they turn out ok!

Night night All xx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

WOYWW - Part Three!

Hi - back again! 

Welcome, Karen, to my lovely little band of followers.

Just got time to show two of today's cards - well, the only ones really!  Not quite sure where today went to.

 I've 3D'd the waistcoat that I'd coloured with a promarker.  I covered the white cardstock with a dull gold BP and layered the panels on the same gold and stuck them on.  Used 4 small and one larger brad.  The sentiment was done on the PC.

Here' the first of many (I hope!) mother's day cards.  I stamped the cage (Maya Road, bought today) with a distress ink but wasn't happy, so went over the lines with a sparkly gel pen.  The birdie (also MR today) is 3D'd with foam pads.  I used this sari ribbon last week - it's beautiful in real life but is not at all photogenic.

I'll hopefully get to make/post lots more before selling them on Sunday.

I'm entering the waistcoat card for -

both of them for -
and the green one for -

Just going to have another whistle-stop tour around WOYWW blogland before bedtime.  Please remember to pray for Deborah ( whose sister's funeral was today, after her sudden death last week.  Lots of love and hugs, Deborah xx

Woo-hoo - lovely loot!

Back again!  I did really well in town -

I didn't spend very much more than I'd intended! Well ok a bit more than that (LOL!)  Anyway, let's show you - in Osbornes (Worcester) I found the large X-Cut multi-shaper punch which will cut a border, 4" or 6" circles or squares, corners or 5" ovals - all with a pretty frame - down from £15 to £11.75!  In there I also found these Go Kreate dies - £13.99 for this wavy set (they are waiting for more to arrive - just as well, for my purse!).  They are much cheaper than the famous brand - I'll let you know how they work.  They had a docraft Papermania 'Birdsong' pack of papers - 25 sheets of 8x8, reduced from £6 to £4.50, and I also bought 6 reels of craft wire for £2.49 (thought they would make great butterfly antennae) and a tub of clear embossing powder.  I then popped in to Bubbly Funk which was like an Aladdin's Cave.  I managed to restrict myself to the Maya Road bird and cage stamps for £5.45 (I've wanted this for sooo long!) and a Fiskars continuous stamp (flowers) for £3.55 - I haven't got a wheel but will use it without since I don't normally make anything bigger than an A5 card.

Anyway - time to play!  See you later xx

WOYWW - Where does your mojo come from?

Do you start with an idea, or is it a stamp, piece of paper etc., that sparks you off?  I've been struggling with my mojo recently, because I often get an idea but don't always have exactly the right wherewithal (what a great word BTW!) to make a card.  Why is it that you can have several pink, say, BPs and none of them go together?!  Know what I mean?

I'm off to town today, to invest in some crafting kit - I've only used Harry, my Cuttlebug a couple of times because I only have a couple of flower dies - hoping to find some shape dies, like Nesties.  As I've said before, I make my cards for charity and don't spend mega bucks.  I get given lots of bits, but often find it hard to match them for cards - it's often not quite the right shade, no decent ribbon, or I don't have the right size envelope, etc., etc.  So - off to splurge!  Well, a little splash, anyway!!

This is what the table looks like at the start of the day -

The pile on the left are bits that I want to use for mothers day and Easter cards (hence the need for stuff to pull it all together) and the waistcoat and blue BPs are for an 80th birthday card - I was going to stick an '80' on the dapper gent from the other day, but it just didn't feel right somehow.

Does anyone know where I could buy cheap alphabet dies? I mean the sort of large letters that I've seen for just a name going across a card?

If anyone's wondering what the WOYWW in the title is all about, do visit the lovely Julia at and from there, visit lots of work tables across the globe - fascinating and inspiring!  Well, DH is ready to drop me into town (what a great bloke!) but I'll come back at the end of the day to show you my bargains (!) and anything I get finished in the meantime. 

Have a lovely day xx

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

WOYWW - Woman on a Mission - and some history!

On a roll today!  No time for crafting, unless I get everything finished with some spare time tonight - if I do, I'll be back here!

Wed is my day off from paid work - and I'm busier than when at work!  I need to get two assignments done for my course on Saturday, so I started the housework by stripping the bed at 7.30, getting the washing on and all the ironing finished by 9am, thank goodness.  I'll work on the assignments until lunchtime, when I'm popping round to my lovely friend Helen.  We're arranging a fundraising party for our charity Touch 1000 Lives, which should be good fun.  After lunch I'll get back to the written work and be ready for our friends Julian and Kay who usually come to tea on Wednesdays.

Anyway, back to WOYWW (if you don't know, go to the lovely Julia at and see what everyone else is up to).  We went to visit my Mum and my sister who lives nearby, at the weekend, and Angela and I were looking through old photos.  One of the things I'm going to do once I've finished my course, is to copy and frame old family photos and put them on the wall going up the stairs.  These are a few that I came back home with.

The beauty on the left is my second daughter, Kate, the middle one is my aunt Joan who died last year in her mid-80s and Mum and Dad are on the right.  Mum is now 86.

I've got loads of pics going back to the late 1800s and it's great fun trying to identify everyone.  For instance, this is my great grandmother on my father's side - I'd love to have met her!

While this next formidable character was my great, great grandmother on Mum's side.

These two were my great grandmother on Mum's side (on the right) with her sister.

Anyway, I could get carried away with this but I'm going to get back to the grindstone - see you later! I hope to visit as many of you as I can, tonight x

Monday, 7 March 2011

A lazy night tonight

... catching up with what all the wonderful crafters have been up to in Blogland. 

I was delighted to have lost another 3.5lbs at Weight Watchers tonight, taking me over my first stone.  Only another X stone to go!!  I was very happy to buy two new pairs of jeans at the weekend - in a size smaller - yippee!

On a sad note, I was so sorry to hear of the sudden death of Deborah's sister, over at  Lots of love and prayers, Deborah, to you and the family at this very sad time.  I pray that God will comfort you all, and ease the shock and pain.

Jesus said 'Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light' Matt 11:28-30.

Good night, All x

Friday, 4 March 2011

Nothing to show today or ...

over the next couple of days.  Off to the seaside (well, Southend) at 4am (to avoid any probs on the M25 - I'm such a wuss!) to visit my Mum, sister and family.  Just taking some decoupage to cut out, in case I get withdrawal symptoms!  See you all next week - have a great weekend, All xx

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

WOYWW - part two

I only finished a couple of cards this afternoon, using stash from the lovely Katie, and spent the rest of the time cutting out for decoupage - boring but necessary.  Sorry - these pics were taken at 8pm and I just can't get rid of the flash glare.

On the red one I used white cardstock, mounted red patterned BP and a strip of silver ribbon, stuck the large picture flat, then the smaller one on 3D foam, and the sentiment flat.

On the gent's one I mounted black cardstock on a white card, secured the gold netting onto the large picture and stuck that flat, then 3D'd the smaller image and the sentiment.  Just noticed that the top of the netting looks wonky in the pic - that's because it's not stuck down - looks fine, face on - honest!!

That's another two to add to the charity selling pile.

Yes, I know it's only 8.00pm but I'm off to bed with the crossword, after an early bath.  Night night!! xx

WOYWW - More goodies!

No crafting yet today - lots of washing (catching up from weekend away) and a visit this morning, to encourage and be encouraged by my crafting friend Una.  It's great having blog friends to share with, but it's also SO inspiring to visit peeps in the flesh.  I was able to take the great cards that Julia sent, to show her, plus a couple of things I had two of, and come back with all this stash that she had doubles of!  How great is that?!

I was really happy to receive a butterfly and a border punch, as well as several sentiment stamps and some wooden animals, hearts etc that I need to find a use for.  In return I was able to explain how to use a couple of craft CDs she had been given, since I'm more techie than she is.

A friend's sister is a vicar, and he took my cards to show her.  She's apparently always on the lookout for nice sympathy cards, as she has to do so many funerals, and bought over a dozen!  I'll now start making a steady supply for her.

Back here later if I get a chance to make some cards xx