Thursday, 17 March 2011

Should be ashamed of myself!!

Do you ever think 'where is my life rushing away to?'  I dashed home from work tonight, threw a meal down my neck (thank goodness for a wonderful husband who loves cooking!) and rushed out to a craft night I run each month.  Didn't have time to sort any work to do there - so ended up taking a jigsaw! How frustrating & stoopid is that?!  If I could take my whole work table it would be fine, cos I tend to make cards up as I go along and never know in advance what I'm going to need.

Anyway, I'm determined not to be caught on the hop for tomorrow afternoon's craft club.  I've just spent an hour printing off some digistamps for mother's day cards, and will take them to do some therapeutic colouring,to finish off a hectic week.  I'll post up the results - if they turn out ok!

Night night All xx

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