Monday, 28 March 2011

What A Weekend!

We had a fantastic launch party for our charity Touch 1000 Lives on Saturday night. Catered for 60+ supporters, to thank them for all they do for this worthwhile cause.  If you haven't read, this is what the money from my cards goes to  So wonderful to share with such lovely people!

Then, Sunday catered for 27 people on our Alpha course, for their away day.  If you don't know anything about Alpha, it's a 10 wk chance to find out what Christianity is all about - a great chance to ask all the BIG questions about life, in a safe environment, without feeling awkward, argumentative or stupid.  I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who's trying to work out what life is all about.  There's bound to be one near you.!/ukalphacourse?sk=info

Have a lovely day, peeps!  Must get ready for work now.  I've had an idea for a special card for my Mum on Sunday (mother's day).  I'll post progress during the week, and put up the rest of my MD cards.


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  1. Thanks so much for your encouragement Chrysalis but in all things may God get the glory not me,it sis His beautiful word.
    You know, you could do it in your own style this very much my own, but have taught some young ones how to do it and some of them have kept it up which is encouraging!!love Shaz in oz.xx