Wednesday, 23 March 2011

WOYWW - Kimonos

Good morning!  I never got round to making any kimonos last night as I was bushed and had a very early night instead.  But - the sun is shining, the washing is blowing in the breeze - so it's play time!

Sorry about the lousy colour - blame the sunshine (or the bad workman!)  It is actually a lovely, smoky blue/green with shiny bits.  Hopefully the pics of the final cards will come out better, later in the day.  Anyway, they only take a couple of mins to make, and you can use up all your odd left overs as they only need 21cm x 6cm paper.  Here is the link to the lovely, generous Lindy who designed them - and lots more, if you want to have a go - do come back and show me, if you do.


  1. Loving the kimono, isn't it lovely to have such a gorgeous Spring day at last??
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #11

  2. Beautiful! Nice to have a Spring day, we had a few last week! Would like some more but Mother Nature isn't cooperating today!

    Brenda 84

  3. Love the kimono - thought it was a real one for a minute.!
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    Good luck

  4. stunning
    happy woyww
    vicky - angeldrummer number 41

  5. Gorgeous kimono - loving it!

  6. Love the kimono - will have to have a go at those sometime. Suffer the same as you want to try it all and even being retired don't seem to have any more time to do the different things I would like to do.
    x Tricia (60)

  7. I also thought that was a wreak kimono to start with. It's so lovely to be able to hang the washing out again now spring is here and let the sun shine through while your crafting isn't it?
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca (32)

  8. Know the feeling- so much to try, so little time, love the kimono, Shaz #122

  9. Very nice! Have to check out the tutorial, thanks!

  10. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #162