Wednesday, 16 March 2011

WOYWW - Where does your mojo come from?

Do you start with an idea, or is it a stamp, piece of paper etc., that sparks you off?  I've been struggling with my mojo recently, because I often get an idea but don't always have exactly the right wherewithal (what a great word BTW!) to make a card.  Why is it that you can have several pink, say, BPs and none of them go together?!  Know what I mean?

I'm off to town today, to invest in some crafting kit - I've only used Harry, my Cuttlebug a couple of times because I only have a couple of flower dies - hoping to find some shape dies, like Nesties.  As I've said before, I make my cards for charity and don't spend mega bucks.  I get given lots of bits, but often find it hard to match them for cards - it's often not quite the right shade, no decent ribbon, or I don't have the right size envelope, etc., etc.  So - off to splurge!  Well, a little splash, anyway!!

This is what the table looks like at the start of the day -

The pile on the left are bits that I want to use for mothers day and Easter cards (hence the need for stuff to pull it all together) and the waistcoat and blue BPs are for an 80th birthday card - I was going to stick an '80' on the dapper gent from the other day, but it just didn't feel right somehow.

Does anyone know where I could buy cheap alphabet dies? I mean the sort of large letters that I've seen for just a name going across a card?

If anyone's wondering what the WOYWW in the title is all about, do visit the lovely Julia at and from there, visit lots of work tables across the globe - fascinating and inspiring!  Well, DH is ready to drop me into town (what a great bloke!) but I'll come back at the end of the day to show you my bargains (!) and anything I get finished in the meantime. 

Have a lovely day xx


  1. I tend to get my mojo from things I spot on other people blogs or challenges which give out fresh ideas - some I'll run with straight away - others I ponder over and then miss the deadline - at the moment my mojo is coming from cheese boxes - go figure! hope you get some good bargains x

  2. I hope you find your mojo after your splurge, don't forget to let us know what you bought! My mojo tends to come and go, depending on what else is going on around me at the time IYKWIM!! You could hand draw some large letters onto your CS or PP, cut around them and stick them onto your project with foam tape to give a little dimension. You could even use some large letters that you print off your computer as a template. They work really well and it saves spending out on a die set.
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #73

  3. I hope you found your mojo today. I agree with Karen about using the computer for the alphabets.

    laura 83 x

  4. I use sketch challenges to find my mojo. Have you looked on "that" auction site for letter dies?

  5. It's usually a stamp or some other materials that start me off. Sometimes I even wake up with an idea in my head. Don't know where they come from !


  6. I'm a big fan of sketches to kick start my mojo. Throw in some lovely patterned paper and an image fitting for the card occasion and off we go.

    Hope you found what you needed on your shopping trip!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Sheena #89

  7. I'm having a really busy week but am quickly dropping by to make sure all our WOYWW friends get the chance to win the last of our weekly draws before the BIG one over in our blog shop. Pop over and join in the fun. Good luck.
    A x

  8. Very nice workspace! Lots of fun things. I usually get my ideas from rummaging around on my desk or in my craft bins. I have a lot of stuff and I used to tend to hoard things instead of use them so now I dig through drawers etc and find what goes together. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #52

  9. It's often an image or a finished 'thing' that gets me into craft mode...more often than not a stamp or what someone else has made...hard to say really! Soemthing new often helps, sad sap that I am! Your desk is really busy...and I'm with you about not putting the 80 on the card - he knows doesn't he?!!

  10. Hope you find what you need to pull things together. I think we all go through that now and then no matter what we have.

  11. You can sometimes bring different shades together by use of inking them, especially with distress inks. I would also use the computer to produce all my letters. You have such a wide choice of size and style of font to work with, and loads more available to download from the net, free of charge.