Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I empathise with Mrs Dunnit!

I know just what you mean, Julia! http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/2011/04/cant-see-wood-for-trees.html  There are just not enough hours in the day and as fast as I get a lid on one area of life, another seems to get out of hand!  However, I'm going to focus on the good things, and not feel bad at not entering challenges or having lots of new work to share here.  I need to remember that seasons and priorities change all the time, and it's important to just make the most of whatever the day brings, relax and ENJOY! 

So, the bottom line is that there might not be many new cards here for a while but I hope you'll all stick around in the meantime, to follow my progress.  I'm very excited about re-designing the garden just now (complete with chooks!) and am busy making icing roses to decorate a two-tier cake for my daughter, Jenny.  She and Andy celebrate their 5th anniversary at the end of the month, and are renewing their wedding vows in church (first made in a registry office).  I'll post pics of all these things as they come about.

Another dampener has been lack of an outlet for cards.  I sell some at church but have built up quite a collection that just haven't shifted.  But I recently came across St Luke's Hospice and am sending a pile there http://stlukescharitycardschallenge.blogspot.com/ where they can be sold for another great cause.  They also have a regular card challenge - why not pop over?  I've just given two boxes of cards to Jenny, too, to sell at her church for their aid projects.

One thing I find hard is adjusting my pace to suit my advancing years - although I'm amazed at the benefits of having lost nearly two stone - able to wear my wedding ring again, to talk when I get to the top of the stairs - and wear the jeans and stuff that Jen passes on due to her weight loss!

The last thing I need to do is knuckle down to the last three months of my pastoral training course, and not leave assignments until the week before they're due - I put myself under stupid, unnecessary pressure by procrastinating.  After July, the theory is that I'll have plenty of time for crafting!

So, apologies for waffling and I do hope you's stick around to follow my flutterby developments!

Love for now xx

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  1. Absolutely focus on the god - after all the things you do everyday and extra are all achievements, however pedestrian! I end up donating cards too - I certainly make them for the pleasure, and so giving them and then having an empty basket to re-fill doubles the pleasure. I cannot help you in your battle against deadlines; I find they're very inspiring! So it turns out that you may be a seasonal crafter...and why not - it's mean to be fun, and you should therefore do it when it pleases! Which brings us around to why I have to set a timer to get the spare room sorted...I don't like it! Thanks for the mention!!