Friday, 29 April 2011

It might not be a royal wedding cake ...

... but I'm very happy with the way it turned out, all the same - and very relieved it's finished and whole!

At first, I made the lace into loops (like the ribbon) but they looked too lumpy so I stitched round and gathered them up - much better gap-fillers, that way.  Jenny (my daughter) wanted an old-fashioned garden party with a Cath Kidston feel, rather than a formal 'do', so there's a marquee with a cream tea - lots of little sandwiches, trifles, scones, cupcakes - and tea in dainty china cups!

Today is Jenny and Andy's 5th wedding anniversary and they wanted to renew their wedding vows tomorrow in church, having first got married in a registry office.  I'll post pic's of the day, later.

Love to all for now - with special wishes and blessings to William and Kate - didn't she look wonderful?!


  1. Chrysalis it is just awesome, such gorgeous work love the delicate detail, Shaz in oz.x

  2. hello, i'm visiting from faithful bloggers.
    i enjoyed my visit to your blog. this is an awesome cake! thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS