Saturday, 2 April 2011

Never thought I'd say it

... but I'm all crafted out!  Just having a day relaxing after a mammoth few weeks of mother's day cards to sell for charity and, this week, the MD keepsake for my mum (see last couple of pasts).  Now need to catch my breath - but just couldn't resist picking up a copy of Simply Cards & Papercraft while out girlie shopping with my lovely daughter Jenny.  Why? Well, there was a free gift of the clear stamp set (see on my work mat) with lovely birdies, bugs and a cute toadstool house - don't think I'll be able to resist playing with them for long!

So, the desk is project-free at the mo, but still full of 'junk'.  I read a post this week where someone said she had a table behind her, when sitting at her worktable, where she put bits she intended using shortly.  If I can squeeze one in, I must try this - otherwise my working area ends up no bigger than the work mat - all very frustrating!  I seem to spend half my life muttering 'where did I put that blank blank stamp/pen/tag etc etc I was using two minutes ago?' !!  The green basket on the right contains all my glues and other sticky things, and the cardboard box and filing tray are where I keep my paper & card scraps.  All of these could be moved off to make more elbow room - but where to, is the problem.  The pile of bits on the right of the mat are element waiting to be used, or discarded from all the MD stuff.

Anyway, enough rambling - enjoy the rest of the weekend, peeps, and for all of you this side of the pond - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxx

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