Wednesday, 6 April 2011

WOYWW Pt 2 - Oops! I forgot ...

... to show you an album I made last night, for an 8 year old friend.  She and her mum had their home trashed a few days ago - wicked, eh?  Anyway, her photos were destroyed so I thought it would be good to give her an album to put new ones in - thankfully, she can get copies from her Gran and the rest of the family.  Anyway - this one's for Chloe. 

It cost 2.79!!! I just had to buy the alphabet stickers as I'd already been given a 12x12 basic album to alter, as well as the BPs and angels!  Just as well - I couldn't believe the cost of 12x12 pads in Hobbycraft - £22?!?!? I know they have loads of sheets in, but really - even single patterned sheets were £1.25 or something.  Sorry - that probably makes me sound a real skinflint - I'm not really, honest!

Back to the assignments - two done so far today, thank goodness.  BTW, hope the weather's as glorious in your part of the world as it is here - all this week's washing (4 loads) done now, with 3 dry - result!

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  1. Very nice colours there Chrysalis and glad the assignment are up to date there!!
    Shaz in oz.x