Saturday, 9 April 2011

Wedding Dress Memories

Hi All - just popped over to Valery Ann at where she was talking about her wedding dress, and it started me thinking about other people's.

I made the dress for my second wedding and had enough fabric left to make this -

It means that every time I make a cuppa in the pot, I remember that day 15 years ago -

What stories are attached to your wedding dress?  Do tell!! xx

PS Just had to smile - who else would be mad enough to be photographing her tea cosy at 5.30am!?!?!


  1. Thought I'd stop by for a visit; I love your newsy blog posts. I think it's quite reasonable to photograph a tea cozy at 5:30 am ;)
    I appreciate your comment on my blog post, it's wonderful to meet a Christian sister from across the pond!

  2. It is very pretty fabric; it has a 'vinage' feel to it. I don't think snapping a tea cosy at an early hour is at all unusual; I have done much worse things in the early hours!!!
    Sue xx