Saturday, 23 April 2011

What a difference a day makes

... Just come in from today's garden adventure.  I'm just starting to re-landscape the garden, to include new raised beds for veg, and a chicken pen.  So, I've started with the side of the house - an area too long neglected.  I spent most of the day washing flower pots and moving them to their new home inside the lean-to shed. 

This is the view from the lean-to, showing what's left of the table the pots were stored on.  It was originally in an old shed when I first moved here, but was starting to fall apart.  The ivy had gone berserk and swamped everything in sight.  I'll take another pic when it's all cleared - not to show off but to make sure I finish the job!  It's surprising how long it took to do.  The piled-up bricks came from the front garden when we took it up to put in a paved drive, and will be used to make paths around the veg beds - I'm a great believer in 'waste not, want not'! 

Here are the pots in their new home, next to the freezer.  I'll put a metal shelving unit from the greenhouse (like the one the pots are on) outside against the fence, to use for potting up.  It's handy to have an area near the house but out of sight, for jobs like that.

The weather has been glorious here today.  After dinner (cooked by my DH) I want to tackle pruning the chaenomeles (type of crab apple) outside the conservatory - pics when I've finished (too ashamed to take any 'before' ones!)

See you later xx

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