Sunday, 22 May 2011

Signing off for now ...

Hi peeps - you will have noticed that I've been conspicuous by my absence this last few weeks.  That's because there's just so much going on at the moment and I'm feeling the strain.  I'm currently clearing the house, waiting for work to be done on it (my craft room is packed away in boxes), waiting for the guys to start landscaping the garden, organising our church camp in 2 weeks for 150 people, etc., not to mention the job and the housework --- you get the idea!  Anyway, I'm close to meltdown just now, and need to drop everything that isn't vital.  It's a real shame, cos cardmaking and chatting here are so therapeutic but I need to be realistic!  Anyway, thanks for all your friendship & encouragement.  Please watch this space and don't delete me entirely - like Arnie - I'LL BE BACK! xxxx

Friday, 6 May 2011

A card for my nearest and dearest

Boy, I find cards for my husband difficult! It's not that he's fussy - but he just lives and breathes Maths!  Fortunately, he also loves music and one of his fav bands/albums is U2's Joshua Tree - and what do you know?!  I came across this digi-freebie by the maxi-talented Nikki of Melonheadz fame (  In fact, the sentiment was one of hers, too.  So thanks very much Nikki - he was tickled pink!

Going great guns in the garden, getting ready for landscaping in a couple of weeks' time.  Unfortunately, that means not much time for crafting of the indoor variety.  Love to all for now xx