Friday, 8 July 2011

Coming into the home straight ..

... well, as far as the hard landscaping goes.

 Paul has built a retaining wall for the soil, around the pond, which will be softened with planting coming over it.  It's the same slate-type sandstone as the patio and paths, so links it all together - very happy with the effect!  I panicked a bit this morning, thinking it should have gone in over the liner. But, looking again, that flat part at the back (I first thought it was a shelf) is actually the top of the pond.  I've got loads of large pieces of stone from previous rock gardens, and they will actually form the retainer on top of the liner.
The greenhouse is now complete, with glass and guttering going into the water butt.  My heritage tomatoes and peppers have managed to ignore all the bustle going on around them, and seem quite at home, despite going in so late.  I left the other side bare, waiting for the glass.  Any suggestions as to what I could pop in there for now?  I might use it as a seed bed for brassicas etc before planting in the beds, for now - I wonder if it will be too hot though? 

Right, got to have brekkie & get ready for work.  Catch you later xx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

WOYWW The attack of the daleks!

Well, not quite - just the arrival of two new compost bins! Yes, I know this is not strictly my work station but it's where all my creative juices are flowing at the moment - not to mention perspiration, when I get out there!

No, I've not developed a problem (well, not a drink one, anyway).  I dug these little bottles up, after using them to edge a path (upside down, with just their bottoms showing!) but have decided not to use them again, so they are in transit to the tip. 

 Here is my lovely new path leading back up to the house from the end of the garden.  I love the way it snakes around the pear tree - a perfect spot for some shade-loving planting.  Just look how terrible the grass looks though - even I couldn't call it a lawn.  It will need lots of TLC once the boots and wheelbarrows have disappeared.
 The area around the pond is still evolving, with stepping stones so I don't fall in during weeding - and the liner and water should go in next week - I can't wait!

Here is the pointing finished, up close and personal.

I hope all you crafters will forgive me for straying outdoors, and abandoning my crafting for a while.

Please pop by - especially over the next few weeks - to see the final touches - and our new arrivals (ex-battery chooks) that I'm due to collect on Sat week (16th)!!

Work in Progress ...

Well, here's where we're at the end of today, in the garden.

This new path starts at the front edge of the patio next to the house & shed, leading up the garden.  It's made using the same sandstone as the new patio.  The bed on the right is in shade, so I've moved 2 hydrangeas there, hoping they will be happier than in their former home on the opposite side, in constant sun (when it shines!)  The plant on the fence is a climbing hydrangea that I want to train over a new little hidey hole with a  table & 2 chairs.  I was thrilled to find these in Dunelm for £69 - they are made of a heavy metal with a mosaic pattern in pieces of quarry tile - a real bargain, I reckon!  I'm hoping to get the rest of the plants moved around into their new positions, over the next week.  The dust bath on the left of the path is the lawn (!) in the middle of the garden.

This is where the path meets the pond - I wanted stepping stones around, so as I could get in for maintenance around the planting (without falling in) and a raised bed at the back.  There's a neat little stone bench to sit by the pond.

 Moving beyond the pond, this is where the path starts coming back towards the house, on the opposite side of the lawn.  It will also join up to the patio at the top.

Here is where the path continues back up to the house, skirting around the pear tree.  There will be planting all along here.

In the last one, you can just see the two ballerina apple trees that will be trained over this arch, dividing the garden from the veggies and chickens.  The posts have now gone in, around the chook pen.

I hope this makes sense, and will post other pics as it all evolves.  The men hope to finish the bulk of the work this week, with a couple coming back for 2 days next week, to re-lay the original patio by the house.

Night night, All xx

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hi - guess who?!

Hi there - I can't believe it's only a few weeks since I last posted - so much has happened in the Teddyware household.

I'll get the sad one out of the way first -

We had to say goodbye to Theo, our 17 year old cat, for whom life had just got too much.

This was him in a favourite spot in front of the fire a couple of months ago, and here's a lovely poem that came in a card from Mary, today -

We have a secret, you and I,
That no-one else shall know.
I see you on the fence at night
As cars go by and headlights glow.
And then as I reach out my hand
As I crawl into my bed,
I feel against the warmth of you,
I touch your silken head.
In daytime I walk up the path
And see ahead of me,
Your dark form on the windowsill
Alive again and free.
Is it only I that hears your purr
In the still house as I pass?
And when I call, only I
That sees the bending grass?

How lovely is that? 

On a much happier note, the garden is coming on leaps and bounds!  Hope you enjoy the pics -

The first one is taken standing at the bottom of the original garden, looking down towards the allotment that I have now drawn into the main garden.  I planted the hedge 12 years ago and, since the owners of the allotment land have disappeared, am putting in a claim to the plot.  The fence on the left divides the allotment, which was too much for me, and I've given it over to Anna, my lovely neighbour, to grow goodies for her young family.
You can just see mini raised beds between the large ones - I'm going to plant fruit bushes in these, and train them along the fence.

Beyond the beds is the chook area - I've moved an old shed down from the garden, which will become a des-res for the girls (ex-batt hens due to arrive 16/7)  There's a 6' high pen due to go up round the rectangle, inside the path (so Brer Fox can't muscle in).

Turning round 180deg back towards the house, all these paving bricks were dug up when we had the front drive done, about 5 years ago.  I knew they'd come in handy!  The guys have made a lovely job of re-laying them around the veg beds, looking like they were meant to be there, all along.  Then, behind them is the bed that I've since planted strawberries in - most of my stuff is going in way too late this year, but I'm hoping to get some crops.
Beyond that is the pond (well, a hole with potential, at the mo!)  That should be finished next week, and I'll post pics when it's done.

Next to the pond is a new patio - I wanted it down the bottom of the garden, to catch the afternoon/evening sun.  This was how it looked on Wednesday, 1/3 laid.

We bought reject stone slabs at 1/4 of the price of complete ones, and broke the area up with more of the bricks used on the paths - the idea was to draw the areas together, that it was deliberate and not let on that we were just using up leftovers and rejects!!

It's all a race against time now - the guys doing it for me move on to other jobs after next week, and there's still the rest of the original garden to do - line the pond, lay 2 slab paths, dig out new flower beds ....

I'll post some more as it happens (if anyone's interested - although it's very thearpeutic to put it down, even if I'm the only one to read it!!) together with pics of my girls, when they arrive.  Hopefully, they will settle and get to look as healthy and happy as Geraldine here -

She's a rescue hen, in someone else's garden.

I hope you can see from this, why indoor crafting has had to take a back seat for now, & you see why I call myself a 'flutterby'!

I love making new Facebook friends so, if you want to mosey on over to join me, look for this profile pic of Geraldine alongside my name (Porter) you'd be very welcome

Chris xx