Friday, 8 July 2011

Coming into the home straight ..

... well, as far as the hard landscaping goes.

 Paul has built a retaining wall for the soil, around the pond, which will be softened with planting coming over it.  It's the same slate-type sandstone as the patio and paths, so links it all together - very happy with the effect!  I panicked a bit this morning, thinking it should have gone in over the liner. But, looking again, that flat part at the back (I first thought it was a shelf) is actually the top of the pond.  I've got loads of large pieces of stone from previous rock gardens, and they will actually form the retainer on top of the liner.
The greenhouse is now complete, with glass and guttering going into the water butt.  My heritage tomatoes and peppers have managed to ignore all the bustle going on around them, and seem quite at home, despite going in so late.  I left the other side bare, waiting for the glass.  Any suggestions as to what I could pop in there for now?  I might use it as a seed bed for brassicas etc before planting in the beds, for now - I wonder if it will be too hot though? 

Right, got to have brekkie & get ready for work.  Catch you later xx


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my FH blog. I think its a great idea to split if you have loads of intrests ...I just count my main blog as a general mix of waffle crafts and family bits but the other is totally my FH snipits and LO's and I just post when I manage to create one you can see it could be months between but there is no pressure or guilt for not posting ...go for it and have fun ...its a great way to keep the history alive. xx
    ps ...very envious of your garden ...mine looks like a wild life sanctuary at the moment lol

  2. What exciting projects you have going on there; I'm sure the pond will give it great joy and that greenhouse will help you extend your growing season.