Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Work in Progress ...

Well, here's where we're at the end of today, in the garden.

This new path starts at the front edge of the patio next to the house & shed, leading up the garden.  It's made using the same sandstone as the new patio.  The bed on the right is in shade, so I've moved 2 hydrangeas there, hoping they will be happier than in their former home on the opposite side, in constant sun (when it shines!)  The plant on the fence is a climbing hydrangea that I want to train over a new little hidey hole with a  table & 2 chairs.  I was thrilled to find these in Dunelm for £69 - they are made of a heavy metal with a mosaic pattern in pieces of quarry tile - a real bargain, I reckon!  I'm hoping to get the rest of the plants moved around into their new positions, over the next week.  The dust bath on the left of the path is the lawn (!) in the middle of the garden.

This is where the path meets the pond - I wanted stepping stones around, so as I could get in for maintenance around the planting (without falling in) and a raised bed at the back.  There's a neat little stone bench to sit by the pond.

 Moving beyond the pond, this is where the path starts coming back towards the house, on the opposite side of the lawn.  It will also join up to the patio at the top.

Here is where the path continues back up to the house, skirting around the pear tree.  There will be planting all along here.

In the last one, you can just see the two ballerina apple trees that will be trained over this arch, dividing the garden from the veggies and chickens.  The posts have now gone in, around the chook pen.

I hope this makes sense, and will post other pics as it all evolves.  The men hope to finish the bulk of the work this week, with a couple coming back for 2 days next week, to re-lay the original patio by the house.

Night night, All xx

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