Wednesday, 6 July 2011

WOYWW The attack of the daleks!

Well, not quite - just the arrival of two new compost bins! Yes, I know this is not strictly my work station but it's where all my creative juices are flowing at the moment - not to mention perspiration, when I get out there!

No, I've not developed a problem (well, not a drink one, anyway).  I dug these little bottles up, after using them to edge a path (upside down, with just their bottoms showing!) but have decided not to use them again, so they are in transit to the tip. 

 Here is my lovely new path leading back up to the house from the end of the garden.  I love the way it snakes around the pear tree - a perfect spot for some shade-loving planting.  Just look how terrible the grass looks though - even I couldn't call it a lawn.  It will need lots of TLC once the boots and wheelbarrows have disappeared.
 The area around the pond is still evolving, with stepping stones so I don't fall in during weeding - and the liner and water should go in next week - I can't wait!

Here is the pointing finished, up close and personal.

I hope all you crafters will forgive me for straying outdoors, and abandoning my crafting for a while.

Please pop by - especially over the next few weeks - to see the final touches - and our new arrivals (ex-battery chooks) that I'm due to collect on Sat week (16th)!!


  1. Oh how thrilling - worth the photos because a year from now you won't believe how hard you worked and how bare it was. Love the organic shape and texture of the path, very nice. Pond....erm..perhaps don't plant it before you've had a little swim!!

  2. How awesome is that Chrysalis thanks for sharing and very impressive, Shaz in Oz.x #1

  3. That will be fab - what a lot of hard work.

  4. Wow this all looks fantastic much work

  5. WOW awesome looking bunch of landscaping going on. I would love to have a reflection/lawn pool but haven't the effort to do it myself and no money to pay to have it done. Maybe next year. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #44