Monday, 29 August 2011

Catching up after holidays

We spent yesterday recovering from the 11hr journey back from the north west highlands of Scotland. This was our 4th holiday there and, no matter how much I love our home, you can see why I always struggle with returning!

This was the last picture I took, the view from outside our front door the night before we left.  I spend most of the time there, sitting on a bench, knitting or reading, while soaking in the peace and quiet, and the wonderful view.  We were very blessed with the weather, too - only one day of rain in two weeks!  I know how boring it can be, looking at other folks' holiday snaps so I won't bore you with them now, but will sneak some in over the next few weeks (heehee!)

I'll just introduce you to the Gunns (Mr, Mrs, Ben, Top and BB - well, that's what I called them)  The children hadn't long left the nest when we arrived, and it was great to follow their progress over the fortnight.  The flying lessons were hilarious- they'd land on our roof with a clatter and, at first, make a very undignified descent to the ground with a bump, but gradually they perfected gliding on the wind and looking a lot more graceful.

Ben (or was it Top or BB?)

A harassed parent who's decided just to ignore the kids' "feed me!"

Poor Mum and Dad are worn ragged trying to keep up with their offsprings' demands for food (the youngsters are just about as big as them now) and the nagging for food goes on almost all the time!  By the end of the fortnight they had simmered down a lot, and were foraging for food themselves, although they don't seem to fish yet.  I've decided to invest in binoculars and a good bird book in time for our next holiday - it really is fascinating.  This holiday we saw buzzards over the hill opposite, oystercatchers and curlews on our beach, wagtails who visited the garden, as well as the gulls.

Apart from lots of reading (and sleeping!) I also got some knitting done.  Rather than take a large project, I bought some cotton knitting yarn before we left, and made 6 dishcloths - very useful little gifts, as well as for home.

I love the simple patterns - hearts, butterflies and ducklings ( - thanks, Emily!)  They work out very cheap but I'm also going to look for cotton knitted stuff to unpick, in the charity shops - reckon they'd look great in other colours.
Anyway, I need to start the mountain of ironing following the washing marathon since we got back.  Love for now - hopefully more tomorrow.  It was great having the bank holiday today, not to mention my day off tomorrow.  I won't know what's hit me when I have to go back to work on Wednesday!


Thursday, 11 August 2011

Friday on My Mind

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It's amazing how quickly things grow - the pond is beginning to look quite established, and I only finished planting it last weekend! The second photo shows a close-up of the water hawthorn - went in 2 wks ago, has gained at least 6" to reach the surface, & produced 2 flowers since.

 The beds are looking a bit sparse, but I'm resisting the temptation to fill them, only to have to move lots when they spread out next year (she says hopefully!)

 The idea is that, eventually, everything will spill out onto the paths and look more natural and 'cottagey'.

Thank you SO MUCH to the very generous Doreen Hamilton ( for the huge pack of wild flower seeds that arrived in the post this week, ready for the community wild flower meadow I'm hoping to start on some spare land behind our garden, once I get some neighbours in on the idea.

Finished off the evening with chatting with my daughter Kate, as we peeled & chopped loads of windfall pears, ready to make chutney when I get back from our holiday in Scotland - thanks Kate! xx

Night, All xx

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Friday on my mind ...

I'm looking forward to the weekend, but not sure how to get everything done.  We're having a family party for my SIL's 70th birthday on Saturday afternoon and I'm at work tomorrow morning, with friends coming round for a cuppa in the afternoon.

Am I panicking?  No sirree!  My aim is to be more like Poppy -

Her head slipped off the table a couple of times and, the third time, she couldn't be bothered to move!  She's not worried that the weeds are growing, ironing needs doing and bathroom is grubby - so I'm going to chill, too!

I will finish off icing the cake, clean the bathroom and make sure our guests feel welcome and loved - beyond that, it will all still be there to do long after I'm gone, so I am determined to ENJOY and live life to the full, as Jesus said, and make the most of family and friends!  I hope you can all do the same.  Love to all xx