Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Now it's my turn!

Then Poppy muscled in on the act!

What is it about

cats and boxes?!

No sooner had I opened this parcel but Rosie had made a bed in it - it doesn't even look comfortable!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

It might not look much

... but I'm a happy bunny!  I had a three piece suite 20 years ago, from my brother who was getting a new one.  The sofa and chairs went a long time ago, but I kept this footstool because it was so useful as an extra seat when needed, but you can imagine the state of the cover after all that time.  This is the original fabric, and the sides were ok, it was just the top that was threadbare.  Anyway, I managed to get hold of a matching piece but not being a seamstress of great reknown, couldn't think how to do it.  Then I thought of making a mob cap sort of cover for the top.  I hemmed all round, and threaded elastic so it just sits over the original, and can be removed for cleaning.  I had to do it all by hand as the fabric says 'moygashel' which I assume is a toughened upholstery fabric - my fingers can vouch for that!  It wouldn't go through my machine and I could just about get the needle through two thicknesses.  I'm glad it's been given a new lease of life.

The ripple blanket is coming along nicely - I need to get my skates on, though, to give it to Reuben who arrived on Sunday afternoon, weighing in at 6lbs11ozs, a lovely brother for Maisie (2).

I'm really pleased that I've been able to use all my odd balls of yarn but they have blended together, with the multi-colour one in between.

I splashed out today on having the downstairs carpets professionally cleaned.  After all the work we've done in the garden and indoors, they were really dirty and I just hadn't the energy at the moment for doing it myself.  I'm so glad, though - he's made a great job of it.  I've managed to put all the furniture back to rights and DH has just arrived home so I'm off to make a cuppa.

Love for now

Chris xx

Friday, 18 November 2011

Home sweet home

 The perfect start to a weekend!  I'm sitting with my feet up on the sofa (covered with the new granny quilt which is very snuggly) and my ripple blanket is coming on a treat.   Sitting here like the two old fogies we are, with just the ticking of the clock and hiss of the fire - bliss! 

Hope your weekend is a good one.  XX

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Have you ever rippled?

I've just spent this evening trying to get my head (and hands) round this great crochet pattern from Lucy at Attic 24 blog

What a clever lady, eh?


Anyway, decided I'd have a bash at a baby blanket for an expectant friend. 

Not much to show for three hours work, but that was my fault, not Lucy's.  Her instructions are fine, but it took ages for me to get the first line right - whether I was miscounting or what I don't know, but it got ripped out several times!  Anyway, if anything's worth doing ... I'm quite pleased with the way it's shaping up - I'll alternate this multi-coloured wool with plain pastels.  Just don't look too closely at the edges - I'm still not sure I've got them right yet.

This is definitely a  Friday on My Mind post for Rhonda over at as I shall be buzzing about it in my sleep tonight, before starting again tomorrow on the next colour.

I'm not driving at the mo because of medication, so persuaded DH to take me to Tesco to buy children's socks for sock monkeys.  Another project to add to the sewing machine ones I'm busying myself with whilst off work!  It's such a pain having to pace myself at the moment.  Tomorrow morning I want to empty a built-in cupboard in the sitting room and bring my fabric stash down from the attic, sort it and then put it in there - hopefully, I then won't keep thinking "... I'm sure I had a piece of X fabric."

Anyway, love to all for now

Chris xx

What a lovely morning!

I feel so much better this morning, having had two good nights' sleep.  The tablets are leaving me a bit zombie-like and spaced out so I'm glad they're only for a limited time. I won't be driving for a bit though, cos I can feel my reactions aren't as quick as usual.

I've just finished the granny blanket and am happy that I decided to back it.  I came across a piece of black, embossed velvety stuff in the stash, which was perfect.  The dramatic black in between and on the reverse appeals to the gypsy in me!  Have I told you that my dream would be to live on a narrow boat or gypsy caravan?  Hilarious, really, given the size of both DH (25stone and 6'2!) and I won't tell you how big I am!  Ah well, a girl can but dream ...

Anyway, here's the finished article.  It is destined for our bedroom but, while I'm esconced on the settee in the sitting room, it's staying firmly on my knees.

You can just about see, from the close up, that the fabric has a simple daisy embossed pattern, and that I've sewn it so that the edge of the crochet shows as a lace trim from the back.

When DH comes home at lunchtime we're off hunting a few pairs of socks for sock monkey Christmas pressies for 4 nieces - two girly ones and two as pirates or something - my imagination is working overtime at the monent - what fun, and a great way to take my mind off myself.

Love to all from the UK - have a wonderful day xx

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

WOYWW - I'm just so blessed!

Yesterday I was pottering round the house, shattered after another night of not sleeping, when I realised there was a huge M&S parcel on the doorstep.  This pic doesn't do it justice.  There were about 15 stunning roses, with at least as many unopened lilies, too - all from my lovely daughter, Kate, "to cheer you up".  Thank you VERY much sweetheart - and the choc's are yummy too (also inside the parcel)

So many other friends have been very kind, too - cards, flowers and messages, and then my other wonderful girl, Jenny, and Andy her husband drove down to spend a couple of hours with me - so precious and appreciated, guys! xx

I'm taking things REALLY slowly at the moment.  I'm on sleeping tablets (for a short while) and anti-depressants which both say that 'driving reactions may be impaired' so I'm not taking any chances, and staying away from the wheel.  The good news is that I'm throwing myself into my crafts, and today I hope to finish that granny square quilt and start the two cot quilts - watch out for photos PDQ!

Love for now - going back to put my feet up with some sewing.  It's just so therapeutic stitching away with just the sound of the clock in the background.

Chris xx

Friday, 11 November 2011

There are days when only a certain something will do ...

Tonight it was Heinz tomato soup.  I'd overdone it again today, and was done in by teatime.  Some comfort foods go back to childhood, and the HTS was always my favourite when I was sick or fed up.  So, although I love my home-made soups, with DH out for the evening, this was my meal

HTS with home-made bread, cheese and the chilli chutney I made this afternoon (yes, I know the recipe says it's supposed to mature for 6 weeks!)
The bread was made in our new baby -

DH makes our bread and during the summer does it by hand.  However, our house is too cold for several months in the year for the dough to rise so we've invested in this.  Yummy!
Chilli chutney - I must try to save some to give as Christmas gifts, but not sure it will last that long! 

 I've been knitting squares for a quilt for our bed room (pink/green decor) and decided to crochet around, and join them together with black.  I haven't done this before, and am surprised at how the black intensifies the colours.  Here is the one from the spare room, and it just looks ok but a bit inspid to me now.

Black in between, and as a border, will hopefully pull it all together, and make it look less like an explosion in a paint factory!

Talking of the spare room, I fetched the wallpaper today.  I still can't believe that it's less than £5 per roll, meaning the whole room (plus shower room) will cost less than £60!

It's a nice whimsical cow-parsley pattern, and will go with the new curtains I bought in the summer.

I normally make all my own curtains but again, was amazed by the price - there are some great bargains around if you hunt for them. 

You can see that the room was very blue before, just broken up with yellow in the border and original curtains.  I'd only painted the walls before but, since the plaster finish isn't brilliant, decided to paper this time.  Hopefully Mum will find it restful when she comes.

Anyway, just time for a quick tour round Blogland, before turning in for the night.  Love and God bless to all x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Friday On My Mind

I'm linking this post to Friday on my Mind, over at Rhonda's

I need to slow down as I've been off work for a week with my fourth chest infection in as many months.  Considering I'd never had one til January, that's going some.  Anyway, my GP thinks my immune system is run down due to 'depression'?  Whatever, she's blasting me with lots of concoctions and I've got to have blood tests tomorrow (must remember no food, tea or coffee from now til I get back).

Anyway, enough of all that, but it just means that I haven't got my usual stamina and am having to pace myself - so I'm one frustrated flutterby!

 These were the three rusty lanterns I rescued from the garden.  Just a quick spray with the black stove paint and - bingo!
 There's still a bit of rust around the glass, but it was difficult to focus the spray exactly.  Anyway, I like the rustic look!  They will look good on the hearth over the festive season - and they cost nothing!
This is the second (and last) lot of tomato chutney.  The first one tastes good but a bit sweet for my tooth.  This one should have a kick in it - 12 chillies in a muslin bag along with the ginger.  I've prepared all the ingredients but will cook it tomorrow when I've caught up with some sleep.  All the recipes come out of my trusty old cookbook - worth it's weight in gold!

It was first produced in 1975.

Anyway, off to put my feet up now with a good book.  If you like historical novels I've just discovered the Matthew Shardlake series by C J Sansom - all about a lawyer during the turbulent times of Henry 8th.  I'm no expert, but they seem very well researched and I've found them gripping!

I've ordered the wallpaper from Homebase (what a good service that is - ordered online and kept til closing time the following day), so I'll go and collect it tomorrow but won't start work on it until at least next weekend - please hold me to that!

Love to all for now x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Teddy Wares & Flutterbies - What's In a Name?

I've just spent a lazy evening meandering round Blogland, and came across Dawn's question about where our blog names come from.

So, straight from my profile -

"Why 'Teddy Wares'? A few years ago I decided to raise some much needed funds for overseas projects that my church was involved in and, since I just LOVE teddies, the title just came to me, and I started used this umbrella for making greetings cards, growing tomato plants - anything, in fact, that would raise money. ... flutterbies? I'm fascinated by most handicrafts, DIY, gardening, etc., and my problem (well, one of them!) is that I want to try them all, and I flit from one to another. This means I'm usually in my element but it can be a bit wearing for my very understanding husband! ... and Chrysalis? It's a nickname formed from my names Christine Elizabeth, which my favourite uncle gave me when I was a tiny!"

I'm definitely suffering from the flutterbies at the moment.  My head is buzzing with ideas for Christmas patchwork cushions for the sofa - our sitting room is too small for lots of dec's so I thought this would be a good way to make it festive while using up the zillions of cushion insides I've kept over the years (does anyone else hate throwing things away?)  I've just spray-painted the cement joints on the new multi-fuel burner we've installed and am going to bring in some tatty metal lanterns from the garden, and paint them for Christmas (should look good with chunky candles in).  Off to Homebase tomorrow, to buy wallpaper for the spare room (needs to be decorated in time for my Mum coming for Christmas). 

Photos of all that lot tomorrow - watch this space! xx