Thursday, 17 November 2011

Have you ever rippled?

I've just spent this evening trying to get my head (and hands) round this great crochet pattern from Lucy at Attic 24 blog

What a clever lady, eh?


Anyway, decided I'd have a bash at a baby blanket for an expectant friend. 

Not much to show for three hours work, but that was my fault, not Lucy's.  Her instructions are fine, but it took ages for me to get the first line right - whether I was miscounting or what I don't know, but it got ripped out several times!  Anyway, if anything's worth doing ... I'm quite pleased with the way it's shaping up - I'll alternate this multi-coloured wool with plain pastels.  Just don't look too closely at the edges - I'm still not sure I've got them right yet.

This is definitely a  Friday on My Mind post for Rhonda over at as I shall be buzzing about it in my sleep tonight, before starting again tomorrow on the next colour.

I'm not driving at the mo because of medication, so persuaded DH to take me to Tesco to buy children's socks for sock monkeys.  Another project to add to the sewing machine ones I'm busying myself with whilst off work!  It's such a pain having to pace myself at the moment.  Tomorrow morning I want to empty a built-in cupboard in the sitting room and bring my fabric stash down from the attic, sort it and then put it in there - hopefully, I then won't keep thinking "... I'm sure I had a piece of X fabric."

Anyway, love to all for now

Chris xx

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