Thursday, 10 November 2011

Friday On My Mind

I'm linking this post to Friday on my Mind, over at Rhonda's

I need to slow down as I've been off work for a week with my fourth chest infection in as many months.  Considering I'd never had one til January, that's going some.  Anyway, my GP thinks my immune system is run down due to 'depression'?  Whatever, she's blasting me with lots of concoctions and I've got to have blood tests tomorrow (must remember no food, tea or coffee from now til I get back).

Anyway, enough of all that, but it just means that I haven't got my usual stamina and am having to pace myself - so I'm one frustrated flutterby!

 These were the three rusty lanterns I rescued from the garden.  Just a quick spray with the black stove paint and - bingo!
 There's still a bit of rust around the glass, but it was difficult to focus the spray exactly.  Anyway, I like the rustic look!  They will look good on the hearth over the festive season - and they cost nothing!
This is the second (and last) lot of tomato chutney.  The first one tastes good but a bit sweet for my tooth.  This one should have a kick in it - 12 chillies in a muslin bag along with the ginger.  I've prepared all the ingredients but will cook it tomorrow when I've caught up with some sleep.  All the recipes come out of my trusty old cookbook - worth it's weight in gold!

It was first produced in 1975.

Anyway, off to put my feet up now with a good book.  If you like historical novels I've just discovered the Matthew Shardlake series by C J Sansom - all about a lawyer during the turbulent times of Henry 8th.  I'm no expert, but they seem very well researched and I've found them gripping!

I've ordered the wallpaper from Homebase (what a good service that is - ordered online and kept til closing time the following day), so I'll go and collect it tomorrow but won't start work on it until at least next weekend - please hold me to that!

Love to all for now x


  1. I'm going to have to look up recipes for tomato chutney now as that looks delicious! I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. Tomato chutney, my mere male's favourite. He also likes lots of chilli added. Jumped over from D2E.

  3. Popped over from DtoE.

    What lovely pictures you have for today. I like the old recipe book.

  4. Hello, I came over from Rhonda's. First, I hope you are feeling better! Second, those lanterns are lovely. I would enjoy something like that in my garden. It is nearly winter here, so gardening will wait until next year.

    Have a nice day.