Wednesday, 16 November 2011

WOYWW - I'm just so blessed!

Yesterday I was pottering round the house, shattered after another night of not sleeping, when I realised there was a huge M&S parcel on the doorstep.  This pic doesn't do it justice.  There were about 15 stunning roses, with at least as many unopened lilies, too - all from my lovely daughter, Kate, "to cheer you up".  Thank you VERY much sweetheart - and the choc's are yummy too (also inside the parcel)

So many other friends have been very kind, too - cards, flowers and messages, and then my other wonderful girl, Jenny, and Andy her husband drove down to spend a couple of hours with me - so precious and appreciated, guys! xx

I'm taking things REALLY slowly at the moment.  I'm on sleeping tablets (for a short while) and anti-depressants which both say that 'driving reactions may be impaired' so I'm not taking any chances, and staying away from the wheel.  The good news is that I'm throwing myself into my crafts, and today I hope to finish that granny square quilt and start the two cot quilts - watch out for photos PDQ!

Love for now - going back to put my feet up with some sewing.  It's just so therapeutic stitching away with just the sound of the clock in the background.

Chris xx


  1. I always find WOYWW is great pick me up. So many friends gathering together for coffee - I hope you feel that way too! #81

  2. What great flowers from your daughter and chocolates I am trying not to eat the ones I have put away for Christmas. Hope you are feeling better soon. Laura

  3. Now 'Glamorous' as an adjectiv efor me is really too kind dahling. And so wrong! But, I'll take it! I'm so glad your lovely family are looking after you so well, some craft therapy will be just the ticket. Happy sewing!

  4. Hang in and you'll be well again soon, crafting does help and crafting buddies too. Such a lovely treat from your DD! Thanks for sharing but I wish I'd had a choc too!
    JoZarty x

  5. Hope your sleeping meds kick in. I have to take them or I would not sleep. I feel dreadful with no sleep. Choccies are good comfort food. Hope you enjoyed them

  6. aww hope you are recovering well and can get back on your feet again, gorgeous flowers and what a thoughtful daughter
    Bridget #29