Tuesday, 22 November 2011

It might not look much

... but I'm a happy bunny!  I had a three piece suite 20 years ago, from my brother who was getting a new one.  The sofa and chairs went a long time ago, but I kept this footstool because it was so useful as an extra seat when needed, but you can imagine the state of the cover after all that time.  This is the original fabric, and the sides were ok, it was just the top that was threadbare.  Anyway, I managed to get hold of a matching piece but not being a seamstress of great reknown, couldn't think how to do it.  Then I thought of making a mob cap sort of cover for the top.  I hemmed all round, and threaded elastic so it just sits over the original, and can be removed for cleaning.  I had to do it all by hand as the fabric says 'moygashel' which I assume is a toughened upholstery fabric - my fingers can vouch for that!  It wouldn't go through my machine and I could just about get the needle through two thicknesses.  I'm glad it's been given a new lease of life.

The ripple blanket is coming along nicely - I need to get my skates on, though, to give it to Reuben who arrived on Sunday afternoon, weighing in at 6lbs11ozs, a lovely brother for Maisie (2).

I'm really pleased that I've been able to use all my odd balls of yarn but they have blended together, with the multi-colour one in between.

I splashed out today on having the downstairs carpets professionally cleaned.  After all the work we've done in the garden and indoors, they were really dirty and I just hadn't the energy at the moment for doing it myself.  I'm so glad, though - he's made a great job of it.  I've managed to put all the furniture back to rights and DH has just arrived home so I'm off to make a cuppa.

Love for now

Chris xx

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