Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Teddy Wares & Flutterbies - What's In a Name?

I've just spent a lazy evening meandering round Blogland, and came across Dawn's question about where our blog names come from.

So, straight from my profile -

"Why 'Teddy Wares'? A few years ago I decided to raise some much needed funds for overseas projects that my church was involved in and, since I just LOVE teddies, the title just came to me, and I started used this umbrella for making greetings cards, growing tomato plants - anything, in fact, that would raise money. ... flutterbies? I'm fascinated by most handicrafts, DIY, gardening, etc., and my problem (well, one of them!) is that I want to try them all, and I flit from one to another. This means I'm usually in my element but it can be a bit wearing for my very understanding husband! ... and Chrysalis? It's a nickname formed from my names Christine Elizabeth, which my favourite uncle gave me when I was a tiny!"

I'm definitely suffering from the flutterbies at the moment.  My head is buzzing with ideas for Christmas patchwork cushions for the sofa - our sitting room is too small for lots of dec's so I thought this would be a good way to make it festive while using up the zillions of cushion insides I've kept over the years (does anyone else hate throwing things away?)  I've just spray-painted the cement joints on the new multi-fuel burner we've installed and am going to bring in some tatty metal lanterns from the garden, and paint them for Christmas (should look good with chunky candles in).  Off to Homebase tomorrow, to buy wallpaper for the spare room (needs to be decorated in time for my Mum coming for Christmas). 

Photos of all that lot tomorrow - watch this space! xx

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