Friday, 11 November 2011

There are days when only a certain something will do ...

Tonight it was Heinz tomato soup.  I'd overdone it again today, and was done in by teatime.  Some comfort foods go back to childhood, and the HTS was always my favourite when I was sick or fed up.  So, although I love my home-made soups, with DH out for the evening, this was my meal

HTS with home-made bread, cheese and the chilli chutney I made this afternoon (yes, I know the recipe says it's supposed to mature for 6 weeks!)
The bread was made in our new baby -

DH makes our bread and during the summer does it by hand.  However, our house is too cold for several months in the year for the dough to rise so we've invested in this.  Yummy!
Chilli chutney - I must try to save some to give as Christmas gifts, but not sure it will last that long! 

 I've been knitting squares for a quilt for our bed room (pink/green decor) and decided to crochet around, and join them together with black.  I haven't done this before, and am surprised at how the black intensifies the colours.  Here is the one from the spare room, and it just looks ok but a bit inspid to me now.

Black in between, and as a border, will hopefully pull it all together, and make it look less like an explosion in a paint factory!

Talking of the spare room, I fetched the wallpaper today.  I still can't believe that it's less than £5 per roll, meaning the whole room (plus shower room) will cost less than £60!

It's a nice whimsical cow-parsley pattern, and will go with the new curtains I bought in the summer.

I normally make all my own curtains but again, was amazed by the price - there are some great bargains around if you hunt for them. 

You can see that the room was very blue before, just broken up with yellow in the border and original curtains.  I'd only painted the walls before but, since the plaster finish isn't brilliant, decided to paper this time.  Hopefully Mum will find it restful when she comes.

Anyway, just time for a quick tour round Blogland, before turning in for the night.  Love and God bless to all x

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