Thursday, 17 November 2011

What a lovely morning!

I feel so much better this morning, having had two good nights' sleep.  The tablets are leaving me a bit zombie-like and spaced out so I'm glad they're only for a limited time. I won't be driving for a bit though, cos I can feel my reactions aren't as quick as usual.

I've just finished the granny blanket and am happy that I decided to back it.  I came across a piece of black, embossed velvety stuff in the stash, which was perfect.  The dramatic black in between and on the reverse appeals to the gypsy in me!  Have I told you that my dream would be to live on a narrow boat or gypsy caravan?  Hilarious, really, given the size of both DH (25stone and 6'2!) and I won't tell you how big I am!  Ah well, a girl can but dream ...

Anyway, here's the finished article.  It is destined for our bedroom but, while I'm esconced on the settee in the sitting room, it's staying firmly on my knees.

You can just about see, from the close up, that the fabric has a simple daisy embossed pattern, and that I've sewn it so that the edge of the crochet shows as a lace trim from the back.

When DH comes home at lunchtime we're off hunting a few pairs of socks for sock monkey Christmas pressies for 4 nieces - two girly ones and two as pirates or something - my imagination is working overtime at the monent - what fun, and a great way to take my mind off myself.

Love to all from the UK - have a wonderful day xx

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