Saturday, 17 December 2011

I didn't realise the Christmas tree was drunk

... until I took a pic from this angle!  It looks ok straight on.

The chimney breast looks very anaemic in this, using a flash, but is actually Homebase 'Caramel Cream' which is a nice soft shade.  See my 2011 Christmas extravagance?  The new wooden NOEL from Aldi for a grand total of £1.99!!  I've only opened one Christmas present in advance - there was a lovely spicey smell coming from a little package, and it was a pot pourri sachet to hang on the tree.  So, even though ours is artificial, we still have a Christmassy scent in the room - thanks, Hilary!

Starting to get into the Christmas spirit this weekend - younger DD and partner came tthis afternoon for their Christmas visit, and we've just watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  We watch a Christmas film each day this week, finishing with Alastair Sims's Scrooge on Christmas Eve.  Tomorrow we're off to older DD and hubby for the afternoon, and join their church pre-Christmas service at 5pm.

Off to bed now as it takes some time for me to rally in the mornings after my night time tablets, and I need to be ready to go to church for our Christmas guest service at 10.15am. 

Love to all xx

Friday, 2 December 2011

On My Mind - Sew Much To Do!

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I love days like this - no deadlines and the housework up to date, and loads of ideas buzzing around.

I finished the blanket for our new godson Reuben, we met him and had a lovely cuddle, and handed it over last Saturday.
I was very happy with the way it ended up, considering it was all from my stash - the multi-coloured yarn really pulled it together and made it looked planned (heehee!)  His Mum Esther has asked me for some ideas for making things to sell while she is on maternity leave, and that has sent the old grey matter into overdrive.  I want to rustle up a couple of little handmades to suggest, for Sunday. 

However, in the meantime, there's the Christmas wallhanging that I've started playingwith (my first attempt at quilting - let's just say it's a steep learning curve, and leave it at that!) 

I had the crazy idea of hand embroidering on the batting, and framing it with quilting but made the mistake of cutting the paper template to finished size, not allowing for seam, and then got in a pickle - if I finish it before throwing it out of the window, I'll show you a pic.

Then there's the pullover I started for DH last weekend.  My head was still a bit muzzy from the antidepressants I was on (now taken off them as the GP realised they were making me very odd - even more than usual) so I'd plumped for a rather boring ribbed pattern, rather than a complicated cable.  I'm feeling heaps better now but since I've got this far I'll carry on with it and make him something more adventurous afterwards.  At least he stands some chance of wearing a simple one this Christmas rather than next!!

However, DH persuaded me I was getting a bit paranoid about all the stuff I was determined to make for Christmas, said everyone could have them for birthdays, if at all, and carted me off to the library to choose some diverting books, so now I might even just put my feet up today, and find out who dunnit!

If you haven't read any Ann Granger, I thoroughly recommend her Victorian detective novels.

Love to all for now - don't forget to pop over and see who else has visited Rhonda today. xx