Friday, 20 January 2012

Monkey Business

It's been a busy week here.  We're off to visit my Mum (87) for the weekend, and will see my sister and her family who live round the corner to Mum, and have just finished gifts to take.

I promised a sock monkey to my two nieces and didn't make them in time for Christmas, so will take them tomorrow.

These two sisters couldn't be more different.  One is a real girlie-girl while the other is a tomboy - hence the dancer and the pirate!  I love making sock monkeys as they are all very individual, not to mention cheap to make (£1 each, plus wadding and 2 button eyes).

Anyway, no time to gossip just now - I need to go and throw a few things in a bag to go.

Love for now - have a great weekend, wherever you are xx

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wool Gathering

DH finally persuaded me that keeping our second bedroom as a spare, just in case someone wanted to stop over, was not sensible.  For 50 weeks of a year it is unused, so I decided to claim it back as my craft room, and will eventually buy a bed settee for the occasional guest.

I thought it best to bring all my stash down from the loft a craft at a time so, this afternoon I brought down my wool collection, and spent a couple of hours sorting it into colours.  I don't know how it is with you, but once people discovered I was 'crafty' I began to inherit unfinished or unwanted kit of all sorts, and particularly when an aged relative dies and the family start to clear out their craftiness.  I can't bear throwing things away so, even if I don't currently do something (eg tatting) I keep it all for a rainy day, or my retirement! 

Anyway, at the end I now have

a red and pink box

a black and grey box

a white, cream and yellow box

a blue box

a green box

TWO brown boxes (not sure why there's so much of this!)

and a HUGE bag of tangled yarns and unfinished projects, mostly inherited I hasten to add, and without patterns so needed unpicking

While I was still keen, I started to unravel it and - wait for it - ta-dah!

I now have all this pile of goodies to add to the baskets.

There's something very satisfying about having a sort out like this, and it will certainly make life easier when I think 'hmm ... I'm sure I've got some of that somewhere'.

I hope you've all had a good weekend.  I'm starting a new little craft group tomorrow night - for a young friend on maternity leave who wants to make stuff to sell while she's at home, and a neighbour who is very crafty already.  Tomorrow will probably be mostly drinking coffee and talking over ideas, but I'm very excited about it all.

Tomorrow afternoon DD2 is coming over (her 30th birthday) so I will encourage her to help me down from the loft with my folding work table, office chair and then I'll start bringing down my fabric stash when she's gone.

Night night and God bless, All xx